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2012 Superstar Power Ranking: #80-71

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If you read the last part of the list, you’ll be happy to know that numbers 80 through 71 feature a lot more familiar names. In fact, one of them you will know very well. In fact, a lot will complain about his placing. That’s fine. Complaining is a part of the internet. Anyways, here’s #80-71.

#80. Mason Ryan
Win/Loss Record: 2-0-3

2012 hasn’t been too kind to Mason Ryan. As most of you know, Mason Ryan debuted in the WWE as the muscle man to CM Punk‘s new Nexus. Although the man was pretty green in the ring, and had a striking resemblance to Batista, the WWE seemed fond of him, and we later saw a face turn from the Wales native. After what looked like was going to be a United States Championship run, Mason Ryan disappeared from television, and judging by his win/loss record, he hasn’t really reappeared. The last time we saw Mason Ryan was on the October 22nd edition of Raw, where he was a lumberjack for the CM Punk vs. Sheamus match.

#79. Bronson & Erik Rowan
Win/Loss Record: 2-0-0

Who? Bronson and Erik Rowan are resident members of NXT, a show that is only available in Canada, Florida, and in the deepest reaches of the internet. It’s terrible distribution kind of sucks, since NXT is actually good. Bronson and Erick Rowan have not appeared on NXT much, but they out of their two matches, they have, well, won two matches. Sporting a 100% wins record may not seem like much when you have only competed in two matches, but it gets these guys the #79 spot on our list.

#78. JTG
Win/Loss Record: 1-0-19

The world has not been too kind to JTG since Cryme Tyme broke up. JTG has spent all of 2012 either sitting at home watching TV or losing matches. JTG was actually a focal point on NXT Redemption before it’s cancellation, where he was given a makeover by Alicia Fox. This makeover consisted of rhinestone incrusted trunks and some crimped hair. Obviously, things didn’t change for JTG after that makeover. He still lost everything. On the bright side, he did beat Yoshi Tatsu. Once.


#77. Brooklyn Brawler
Win/Loss Record: 1-0-0

I’m a little torn on this one. You see, Steve Lombardi (the man who portrays the Brooklyn Brawler) also donned the clown make-up to lose to Heath Slater as Doink the Clown. It was a tough decision (not really) to separate the two gimmicks, but in the end (since it wasn’t really made public knowledge that he was Doink the Clown) it was for the best. Brooklyn Brawler returned to the ring at TLC to win what I’m pretty sure is his first win ever. I think the biggest surprise that night was that he actually has a finisher, the “Brooklyn Crab”. Go figure.

#76. Luke Harper
Win/Loss Record: 3-0-0

Luke Harper is another member of the NXT roster that WWE is testing the waters with. Harper, who is an indy weathered wrestler, has won all three of his matches. Whether this means WWE is high on him or not is yet to be seen, but if he were to be called up, I think everybody would be pleasantly surprised by the guys who wrestles in a wife-beater and jeans.

#75. Yoshi Tatsu
Win/Loss Record: 2-0-24

Last year, Yoshi Tatsu competed in what was arguably one of the best matches of the year against Tyson Kidd on NXT. That match was a leg on a pole match. If you can make a leg on a pole match amazing, you clearly have talent, and that NXT confined talent got Yoshi Tatsu in my Top 10 Superstars of the year last year. This year, things have gone terrible for Yoshi Tatsu. After a short-lived
pairing with Santino Marella, Yoshi Tatsu dissapeared from television, with his only appearances being quick losses. Tatsu has recent’y took the job of Santino’s “correspondant” on the YouTube show “Foreign Exchange”, but that is not something that can save this dwindling career.

#74. Bo Dallas
Win/Loss Record: 4-0-7

Although he is one of NXT’s most promising young Superstars, Bo Dallas has failed to really make an impact in 2012. He made his debut on NXT by defeating Rick Victor. He was later placed into the Gold Rush tournament to crown the first ever NXT Champion, where he was eliminated by Jinder Mahal in the quarter-finals. Bo Dallas ha managed to pick up some wins over some main roster guys though, such as Johnny Curtis and Epico. Expect to see Bo Dallas on Raw or Smackdown very soon.

#73. Evan Bourne
Win/Loss Record: 2-0-2

Evan Bourne started off the year as Tag Team Champion. You look at all the other tag team champions this year (Kingston, Truth, Primo, Epico, Bryan, Kane), and you will see that they are all in the Top 30, if not the Top 10. So why is Evan Bourne at #73? Where do I even begin? Evan Bourne started off the year by being suspended for the second time in 2 months for a violation of WWE’s wellness policy. That’s right, little Evan Bourne has been doing drugs. Before this took place, WWE made him and Kofi Kingston drop the titles to Primo and Epico. At a house show. That’s right, Evan Bourne lost the only championship he’s ever had in the WWE at a non-televised event. Not only that, but while he was serving his 60-day suspension, he managed to break his foot in a car crash, which put him away for the rest of the year. Expect to either see Bourne come back with a huge push, or to see him get future endeavoured.

#72. Dean Ambrose & The Undertaker
Win/Loss Record: 1-0-0

I can already feel the angry comments. “Why is Undertaker so low? Why is he paired up with Dean Ambrose? Why is Johnny Curtis ranked above him?”. Well, it’s pretty simple. Undertaker has only competed once this year. His one match was phenomenal, and was arguably the best match of the year. But that doesn’t change the fact that he has only competed once, while everybody who ranks above him has worked a lot harder this year. As for Dean Ambrose, just replace what I said up there with his name. Competed once, phenomenal match.

#71. Johnny Curtis
Win/Loss Record: 5-0-19

Johnny Curtis has had an interesting year in the WWE. He began the year by announcing that he and Maxine were going to marry in Las Vegas. As usual, the wedding was off thanks to Derrick Bateman, who rekindled his love with Maxine. Johnny Curtis would start to introduce his “Let’s Get Weird” gimmick, where he was, well, weird. Rubbing his nipples, licking his fingers. Curtis doing some creepy things. Curtis would later get back together with Maxine. During his second run with Maxine, Curtis was stuck doing things like chloroforming Matt Striker, and plotting to seduce William Regal. Once William Regal found about him and Maxine’s evil deeds, he decided to handcuff the two together. Of course, Maxine and his relationship ended after NXT did, where he was sent down to Florida to compete in the new and improved NXT.

In the new NXT, Johnny Curtis would form a team with Michael McGillicutty, with whom he challenged for Team Hell No’s Tag Team Championships with using his guaranteed title shot from winning NXT. Since then, Johnny Curtis has been in the process of being repackaged as “Fandango”, a character with a salsa dancing gimmick. It seems as WWE has pulled the plug on “Fandango” however, as the video packages hyping his debut have stopped.

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