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205 Live Results (August 01, 2017)

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Did Akir
Did Akira Tozawa earn a rematch for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship?

This edition of 205 Live was built around a match between Arya Daivari and Akira Tozawa to determine the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Both Daivari and Tozawa have battled for the past few weeks on Monday Night Raw and 205 Live. The situation escalated when Daivari caused a rift between Tozawa and his manager, Titus O'Neil, after Daivari brutally attacked the shoulder of Tozawa and forced O'Neil to throw in the towel.

Tozawa and Titus then came to terms, and the Japanese continued to soldier on with his injured shoulder. After Daivari earned a count-out victory over Neville in the previous edition of 205 Live, the stage was set for the main event. However, the Brian Kendrick was out to start the show.

#1 The Brian Kendrick vs. Jack Gallagher

After weeks of Brian Kendrick berating the "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher, the time for talk was over and it was finally time for these two rivals to clash.

Kendrick kicked off the show with a mic in hand as he headed down to the ring. He call Gallager promised to send the British wrestler back to the circus after their match.

No more than a couple of minutes into the match, Gallagher had Kendrick draped over the bottom rope and proceeded to stomp his opponent's head over and over. The referee tried to intervene, but Jack ignored him and continue to attack, which caused a disqualification.

The weeks of frustration got to Jack as he clearly didn't care about losing this match; he wanted to inflict damage on Kendrick and continued to do so after the match as you can see below:


When Jack grabbed William The Third (his trusty umbrella), Kendrick dove over the barricade and escaped through the crowd. I am not sure if this will lead to a SummerSlam match that could be on the pre-show or potentially a No Disqualification Match on 205 Live. Let's just hope that it isn't an Umbrella On A Pole Match.

The Brian Kendrick defeated Jack Gallager via disqualification

#2 Backstage segment with Rich Swann, Mustafa Ali, and TJP

Rich Swann and Mustafa Ali were backstage playing WWE 2K17 (or maybe they were lucky and were getting a sneak peek of 2K18) when avid video gamer TJP showed up. Ali left while Swann and TJP had a civil chat.

They talked about their "friendly competition" that they had engaged in, which led to another challenge being set up for the next episode of 205 Live. TJP says this would be another example of the friendly competition, but Swann looked rather suspicious.

I like where they're going with this where, at times, TJP is a complete jerk, and at other times, he seems to have changed his tune and appears to be a good guy to play video games with. It'll lead to something big; we just don't know what.

#3 "The Premiere Athlete" Tony Nese vs. Gran Metalik

The "Premiere Athlete" Tony Nese made his way to the ring for action. I really like his entrance where here just talks about his body. It fits the gimmick perfectly.

Nese spoke once he was in the ring and stated that he looked like a premiere athlete. He then went on to say that Gran Metalik covered himself from head to toe because he looked average — like the rest of the WWE Universe.

The returning Gran Metalik cut a backstage promo after stating that Nese didn't have the heart to defeat his opponent.

Nese started the match with his usual posing and taunting. Early on, he thought that he'd outsmarted Gran Metalik by avoiding an aerial move from the "King Of The Ropes", but little did Nese know that Metalik could change directions mid-jump as you can see below.

The high-flying attack wasn't enough as Nese was able to hit a flying knee and cover Gran Metalik for the win.

Tony Nese defeated Gran Metalik

#4 Akira Tozawa v. Ariya Daivari - #1 Contender's Match

Dasha Fuentes interviewed Neville prior to the main event. When asked whom he'd rather face at SummerSlam, the King of the Cruiserweights said that it didn't matter because he'd destroy his opponent regardless.

As he has done on countless occasions, Daivari said that he'd carry on the great tradition of Iranian wrestlers and uphold their legacy. He proclaimed that Neville and Tozawa only wrestled for themselves while he wrestled for an entire nation.

Tozawa started off the match on fire, showing no signs of his injured shoulder slowing him down. However, when the action spilt to the outside, Daivari took full advantage.

Daivari continued to work on Tozawa's shoulder for the majority of the match with strikes and submissions. However, the iron will and resolve of Tozawa carried him to the victory after he connected with a suicide dive and his patented diving senton.

The WWE Cruiserweight Championship match for SummerSlam is now set with Neville taking on Tozawa.

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