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205 Live Results: April 24th, 2018

Greg Bush
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Will there
Will there be anything left of Cedric Alexander's challenger at Greatest Royal Rumble?

Earlier today, WWE 205 General Manager Drake Maverick announced who the competitors of tonight's Gauntlet Match would be via Twitter. Drew Gulak, TJP, Tony Nese, Kalisto, and Mustafa Ali would all get their chance to take on Cedric Alexander for the Cruiserweight Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble

Gauntlet Match: Mustafa Ali vs TJP

Mustafa Ali isn't a fan of dabbing

The show began with the return of Nigel McGuinness, who explained the rules of the Gauntlet match.

-Two men begin the match

-Another man enters when one is eliminated.

-Last man standing wins.

Mustafa Ali entered the ring first, with the odds stacked against him in regards to a possible WrestleMania rematch. TJP came out next. The two men circled each other before TJP forced Ali into the corner, dabbing as he let him go.


Ali grabbed the former Champion's wrist but was countered into a pinning attempt by TJP. Ali broke out, catching TJP with an arm drag/armbar combination. TJP tried to fight out, but Ali kept working the arm, forcing TJP to the ground.

TJP broke out, and the two men flew around each other, trading pin attempts. Ali caught TJP with a few dropkicks, forcing TJP out of the ring.

After the 5-count, Ali tried to chase him. TJP caught him in the ropes, poking him in the eye before locking him in a submission using the ropes. TJP let go before the ref's 5-count and caught Ali with a dropkick from the turnbuckle.

As TJP continued to work over Ali, Cedric Alexander was interviewed backstage, stating that Buddy Murphy blew his opportunity. The Champ went on to say that we're in the "Age of Alexander," and he's ready for competition.

TJP forced Ali into a handful of submissions leading into the Koji Clutch. However, the Soul of 205 Live broke out of the hold and caught TJP with a few stiff chops to the chest. TJP chased Ali around the ring, but Ali hit him with a running hurricanrana. He then chased Ali into the corner, but the latter rolled to the outside of the apron, kicking him in the face. Ali then rolled in for the facebuster on TJP, only getting a 2-count.

TJP managed to get to the top of the turnbuckle, but Ali caught him. He failed to connect with a top rope hurricanrana, and TJP hit a dropkick to Ali's knee. TJP then locked in the TJP Clutch, but Ali managed to get to the ropes.

TJP went for it again, but when Ali was able to fight out of it, he forced Ali into the corner to work on the knee. Ali forced him away, catching the former Champion with a flying tornado DDT.

Ali then hit TJP with the 054, picking up the first victory of the Gauntlet Match.

Result: Mustafa Ali eliminated TJP

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