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205 Live Results: August 21, 2018

Greg Bush
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What will Drew
What will Drew Gulak have to say to Cedric Alexander tonight?

205 Live opened with a video package featuring General Manager Drake Maverick highlighting the Cruiserweight Title Match. With Cedric Alexander's successful title defense, Maverick congratulated both the champion and the challenger, Drew Gulak, on their performance at SummerSlam.

On this week's episode of 205 Live, the rubber match between TJP and Noam Dar took place. Would the Scottish Supernova overcome the CruiserGreat?

Also, in the main event, the Lucha Dragons found themselves in another tag team battle against Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy. Would strength or speed win the night? 

The commentary team welcomed Wale to 205 Live ahead of the opening match.

TJP vs Noam Dar

TJP came down to the ring while cutting a promo on his opponent, Noam Dar. TJ said that his finish is a kneebar, so it should surprise no one that he took advantage of Dar's knee injury a few weeks ago, and he plans to do so again tonight.

The match began with TJP avoiding Dar's kicks. TJP rolled outside to cut a promo on Wale before dabbing on him. As he turned around, Dar dropkicked the CruiserGreat through the ropes.


Dar tossed TJP back into the ring, working him over with kicks and elbows. Tossing him into the ropes, TJP attempted to recover, but Dar hit him with another dropkick, knocking him back outside the ring.

TJP was rolled inside again but caught Dar with a DDT as he went back through the ropes. The CruiserGreat then started working on his game plan, working on Dar's knee.

TJP locked Dar in a leglock before planting him into the mat with a curb stomp. However, as he attempted a tope atomico, Dar lifted his knees up, getting a chance to breathe. The Scottish Supernova assaulted TJP with kicks, elbows, and vicious uppercuts, followed by a northern lights suplex, getting a two-count.

Dar went for his finish, but TJP avoided it, and after attempting a pin, the first Cruiserweight Champion locked in the kneebar. Dar fought to the ropes but had a hard time standing up. TJP attempted the single leg Boston crab in the ropes, but Dar broke out, repeatedly kicking TJP in the face.

Dar finally escaped, before taking TJP's knee out with a running kick, following up with the Nova Roller, winning the match and ending the series 2-1.

Results: Noam Dar defeated TJP via pinfall

After the match, Drew Gulak cut a promo on his match with Cedric Alexander, claiming that he was lucky at SummerSlam and that he deserves a rematch. However, Drake Maverick denied Gulak's request.

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