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205 Live Results: August 7, 2018

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Mustafa Ali makes his return to 205 Live tonight

This week's episode of 205 Live featured the Lucha House Party attempting to make it through the onslaught of Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy, along with the return of Mustafa Ali, who went toe-to-toe with the deadly striker Hideo Itami.

The purple brand also continued to build towards the Cruiserweight Championship match at Summerslam as both Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander reacted to the vicious assault on the champion lead by Gulak last week.

Lucha House Party (Kalisto and Lince Dorado) vs Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese

For the first time in a month, the Lucha House Party came to the ring with all three members, with Gran Metalik standing in the corner of his LHP brothers.

Murphy and Nese stormed the ring, showing they were all business. Murphy and Dorado began the match. Dorado attempted to dance around the ring and Murphy, but the Juggernaut's power was too much to handle. Murphy launched Dorado into his corner before tagging in Nese, who immediately lost the momentum built up by Murphy.

Nese tagged himself in and brutalized the former Cruiserweight Champion, beating him into the mat with elbows before putting him into a headlock. Nese then tossed him into his corner and tagged Murphy back in, who rocked Kalisto with fists and elbows. As Murphy tagged Nese back in, Kalisto tried to escape, but Murphy slammed him followed by a moonsault from Nese, nearly picking up the win.

Kalisto and Murphy were tagged in, with Murphy countering a spinning tornado DDT from Kalisto. Before he could capitalize, Kalisto threw him into the turnbuckle, followed by a hurricanrana slamming Murphy's face into the mat.

Nese whipped Kalisto into the ropes, then caught the rebounding Lucha Dragon with a heavy shoulder tackle. Nese tagged the Juggernaut back in, who continued to punish Kalisto and keep him off his feet with a headlock in the center of the ring. Kalisto worked his way back to a standing position, but Murphy locked him back down. Kalisto finally broke out of the headlock with a jawbreaker followed by a kick to the head, then made it to the apron. Knocking Nese to the ground, Kalisto nearly picked up the win with a springboard sunset flip.


Dorado attempted to bring in Kalisto, but Murphy knocked him off. Murphy and Nese slung Dorado into the ropes only for him to turn it into a double Golden Rewind, stunning Nese and Murphy and forcing them to the outside. Kalisto and Dorado then dove outside, taking out their opponents.

Kalisto almost tagged Lince Dorado in, but Nese yanked him off the apron before Kalisto could make it, allowing Murphy to slam Kalisto with a German suplex. Nese tagged in, and the two powerhouses attempted to keep Kalisto away from his corner, but Kalisto knocked Nese into Murphy, finally tagging in the Golden Linx, who took down both Nese and Murphy with chops and kicks. With Murphy out of the way, Dorado caught the Premier Athlete with a superkick followed by a Bronco Buster and a reverse DDT.

Dorado and Kalisto brought Nese and Murphy in, but Murphy drove Dorado to the outside, then distracted Kalisto, allowing Nese to roll him up for the win.

Results: Tony Nese and Buddy Murphy defeated Lucha House Party via pinfall

Backstage, Drake Maverick spoke with Mustafa Ali about his hospital visit the previous week. Ali said it was just a speedbump, and he's ready to take on Hideo Itami.

Maverick told him that he doesn't have to prove anything to anybody, but Ali said that the only one he has to worry about is Itami.

Itami then cut a promo, saying that Ali should have shown him respect.

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