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205 Live Results: February 12th, 2019

Greg Bush
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A street fight left the ringside barricade in pieces
A street fight left the ringside barricade in pieces

Last week, Noam Dar returned and told Drake Maverick that he was looking for redemption against Tony Nese, who had injured him a few weeks prior. After threatening to bring havoc to 205 Live until they finally got a match, Maverick had no choice but to put the two in a No Disqualification Match.

The Premier Athlete has picked up some incredible wins over some of the best that the Purple Brand has to offer. Still, Noam Dar continues to have his number. Would he finally put away the Scottish Supernova tonight, or would Dar move on to bigger and better things?

The Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy would also meet his challenger at WWE Elimination Chamber, Akira Tozawa, tonight for the official contract signing. Would the Juggernaut try to take out Tozawa before Sunday, or would the former champion continue to get under his skin? 

Lince Dorado w/ Lucha House Party vs Jack Gallagher w/Drew Gulak

The Gentleman looked to wrap up Lince Dorado early on, hoping to keep him grounded in order to cut his arsenal in half. Eventually, Dorado fought back to his feet, taking down Gallagher with a pair of hurricanranas and a drop toe hold followed by a dropkick to the face.

Gallagher managed to ground Dorado again with a headlock, but the Golden Lynx escaped, taking him down with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dorado sent Gallagher across the ring with head scissors, but when he went for a dive to the outside, Drew Gulak pulled him away.

Dorado went up top, but Gallagher caught him and brought him down with repeated elbows to the back. Gallagher then set his sights on Dorado's back with a backbreaker and a surfboard stretch. Dorado broke out only to be kicked back into the ground by his opponent.

Dorado fought out of an octopus stretch, sending Gallagher outside for a springboard crossbody. Dorado seemed to be worse for wear afterward but managed to bring Gallagher back inside for a pair of rollups. Gallagher escaped but was met with a spinning heel kick and a crossbody from the top rope. Gallagher again kicked out.


Dorado went to the corner and hit two moonsaults back to back on Gallagher, but the third was prevented as Gallagher put his feet up, catching Dorado on the jaw. Gallagher dropped him with a powerbomb, then locked in a single leg Boston Crab. Dorado escaped and sent Gallagher into the ropes, allowing Gallagher to pick up momentum for a running headbutt.

Gallagher missed the corner dropkick and walked into the Golden Rewind from Lince Dorado. Gallagher kicked out. Both men traded shots while getting to their feet. Dorado stunned him with a chop and took him up top. However, though he went for a super hurricanrana, Jack Gallagher countered into a roll up for the victory.

Results: Jack Gallagher defeated Lince Dorado via pinfall.

Backstage, Humberto Carrillo was asked what he thought about Gallagher and Gulak trying to recruit him. Carrillo said that, even though high flying and Lucha Libre got him to 205 Live, he can't deny help from two of the greatest wrestlers in the world. 

A pre-taped promo was cut by Ariya Daivari, who said that he was tired of propping up losers, first a "wannabe wrestler" and then a guy who "can't even articulate a single sentence." Daivari said that soon enough, he'll be Cruiserweight Champion, and then the WWE Universe will have to show him the respect he deserves.

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