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205 Live Results: June 12, 2018

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Did Hideo Itami get under the skin of Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali?

Drake Maverick recounted the events that took place last week on WWE 205 Live, claiming that anyone who ruins the main event of the show for selfish reasons will be punished and that Hideo Itami has been sent home due to his actions.

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The General Manager also revealed the matches that will be taking place tonight, with a 6-man tag match to start off the night.

6-Man Tag Match: Lucha House Party vs Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher, and Brian Kendrick

As the LHP made their way to the ring, Kalisto walked out a pinata with Drew Gulak's face on it. Their opponents were interviewed backstage, saying that they plan on teaching the "Hoochadors" a lesson tonight.

As Kendrick, Gulak and Gallagher made their way to the ring, Vic Joseph reminded the WWE Universe that they can check out the first round of the UK Tournament on WWE's social media accounts tomorrow at 2 PM ET.

Kalisto and Gallagher started off the tag match, with Kalisto tagging in Lince Dorado when Gallagher outmaneuvered him. Gallagher tagged Kendrick, but Dorado stayed on top of the former champion. Dorado, Kalisto, then Gran Metalik all landed various splashes on Kendrick, getting a two-count for Metalik.

Metalik tagged Dorado back in, and the luchadors hit a double suplex for another two-count. Kendrick tagged out, bringing Gulak into the match. The Submission Specialist immediately knocked Dorado down with a punch to the jaw, but Dorado forced him, and Gallagher, to the outside with his fast-paced maneuvers.


Kalisto and Kendrick found themselves back in as the legal men, with Kendrick raining stiff forearms and punches upon the Lucha Dragon. The Man with the Plan tagged Gulak back in, who tore Kalisto apart piece by piece with a bevy of submission holds.

Kalisto attempted to tag in Dorado, but Gulak distracted the ref, forcing him to miss the tag while Gallagher and Kendrick beat down Kalisto.

Gallagher tagged back in, putting Kalisto in an abdominal stretch, working his ribs. The Englishman then slammed him on the mat, taunting him with his "Lucha" chants, before tagging Kendrick in, who landed a boot on the former champion's jaw.

Kendrick tagged Gulak back in, who continued to work over the abdomen and back of Kalisto, forcing him into a torture rack, transitioning into a single leg Boston crab-armbar combination. Kalisto attempted to kick Gulak off, but Gulak tagged in Kendrick, who beat the luchador back down to the ground.

Kendrick threw him into the turnbuckle, further injuring his ribs with shoulder thrusts. However, as he attempted to take Kalisto up top, Kalisto fought him off and hit a tornado DDT before tagging in Gran Metalik.

Metalik sprung into action, flying around Gallagher, who was tagged in by Kendrick. Gallagher could barely keep up before being hit by a superkick followed by a springboard dropkick, only worth a two-count. Metalik tagged in the Golden Linx, who held up Gallagher as Metalik landed a high angle dropkick.

Gulak dragged Gallagher to their corner to tag him in, but as he got into the ring, Dorado rolled him up multiple times, not quite able to get the victory. Gulak landed a stiff lariat on Dorado and attempted the Gu-Lock.

However, Dorado fought out, landing a spinning heel kick on the Submission Specialist. Gulak then tagged in Kendrick, who knocked Dorado's tag team partners off the ropes. Kendrick put Dorado in the captain's hook, but Kalisto broke it up before all six men were in the ring.

As the dust settled, Gulak and Gallagher were hit by a double Golden Rewind from Lince Dorado, and his tag partners leaped over the top ropes as they rolled out, taking out Gulak and Gallagher.

Lince Dorado went for another dive, but Kendrick caught him, putting him in the Captain's Hook yet again. Dorado fought towards the ropes but would counter Kendrick instead, rolling him up for the three-count and the win.

Results: Lucha House Party defeated Kendrick, Gallagher and Gulak

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