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205 Live Results: Mansoor's undefeated streak on the line; Jake Atlas seeks revenge 

Greg Bush
Modified 13 Feb 2021
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Jake Atlas and Tony Nese deliver a 205 Live main event worthy of the brand
Jake Atlas and Tony Nese deliver a 205 Live main event worthy of the brand's golden era

Tony Nese vs Jake Atlas on 205 Live

Prior to the match, 205 Live Superstar Ariya Daivari made his way to the commentary table. Jake Atlas was distracted, allowing Tony Nese to get an early upper hand. A serious series of strikes stunned Atlas.

Atlas responded with a dropkick and ax kick, following up with a neckbreaker that nearly got a surprising win over the Premier Athlete of 205 Live. Nese wasn't down long, blasting Atlas with a spinning back kick to the jaw, almost knocking him out cold. The former Cruiserweight Champion's aggression picked up, with Nese locking Atlas in a cravate for some knee strikes.

Nese felt the fury of Atlas, though, as a diving moonsault to the floor saw Atlas's knees crack Nese on the skull. The 205 Live OG was then rocked with a discus lariat. However, he kicked out. After hanging Atlas up on the top rope, Nese landed a beautiful triangle moonsault, again earning a near fall.

As Atlas moved to the top, the rolling uppercut caught him right on the jaw. Still, Atlas was able to shake it off, spiking Nese with a brainbuster. 205 Live's Daivari Dinero left commentary to distract the referee and sending his gold chain for Nese.

August Grey stole the chain, however, allowing Atlas to roll Nese up for the victory.


Results: Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: A

Published 13 Feb 2021, 10:24 IST
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