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205 Live Results: OGs battle for brand dominance; Undefeated streak in jeopardy

205 Live put their undefeated star
205 Live put their undefeated star's record in jeopardy in a phenomenal main event
Greg Bush
Modified 06 Mar 2021
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Welcome to another episode of 205 Live, folks. This week, WWE gave us a special treat when it came to the final match of the night.

The main event of 205 Live saw Mansoor put up his 40-0 record against The Lonestar Curt Stallion. After their tag victory last week, they were looking to come up with a tag team name with Josiah Williams backstage when Stallion reminded Mansoor that he'd yet to beat him. Things got heated, forcing Josiah Williams to leave. This would be an epic main event, as Mansoor and Stallion are two of the best Superstars currently on the Purple Brand.

Before that, though, the 205 Live OGs had some business to settle with August Grey and Jake Atlas. Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese, for years now, have gone after the newcomers of the brand, reminding them that the veterans of the brand were always more deserving of their time in the spotlight. Tonight, Grey and Atlas looked to prove once and for all that they deserved to be on 205 Live.

August Grey and Jake Atlas vs. Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese on 205 Live

August Grey looked to face Ariya Daivari in the opening of the match but was instead forced to battle Tony Nese. The Premier Athlete of 205 Live and Daivari Dinero dominated Grey early but couldn't prevent a tag.

Atlas came in like a house on fire, lighting up both of the 205 Live OGs. A big boot stunned Nese, but Daivari sent Atlas off the top while Nese had the ref distracted. Daivari tagged in, hammering Atlas with some nasty strikes.

A running dropkick to a kneeling Atlas nearly knocked his head into the third row. Atlas responded with a discus lariat, but Grey was knocked off the apron before he could tag out. Nese tagged in, wearing Atlas down in the middle of the ring.


Atlas again broke away, finally tagging in one of 205 Live's most exciting newcomers. After rocking Daivari, he turned Nese inside out with a release back suplex. After a four-way brawl, Nese hung Grey up on the top while hitting a dive on Atlas on the floor.

Back inside, Grey avoided the Triangle Moonsault and hit So Much Prettier for another big win over the 205 Live OGs.

Results: August Grey and Jake Atlas defeated Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese via pinfall on 205 Live.

Grade: B

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Published 06 Mar 2021, 09:56 IST
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