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205 Live Results - May 15th, 2018

Greg Bush
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The Flash, The Heart and The Soul
The Flash, The Heart and The Soul

Tonight's episode of 205 Live featured members of the WWE UK Division. The UK stars that would appear on the purple brand were Tyler Bate, James Drake, Kenny Williams, "Flash" Morgan Webster, and Joseph Conners.

Fatal-4-Way Match: Tyler Bate vs TJP vs Kenny Williams vs Kalisto

Tyler Bate came out first, while the commentary team discussed Bate's loss to TJP the last time he was on 205 Live. TJP followed, and Vic Josephs said TJP said the entire UK and 205 Live rosters are jealous of his ability.

Next up was Kenny Williams, with Kalisto coming out last. Kenny Williams noted in a promo that he was the only person in the match to not be a former champion in the WWE.

TJP rolled out as the match began, and Williams and Bate took down Kalisto. TJP dragged Bate outside, then jumped in the ring, taking out Williams. Kalisto's speed was too much for TJP to handle, as the luchador countered TJP's offence, taking him down with a dropkick.

TJP got the upper hand, however, putting Kalisto in a reverse Boston Crab, before breaking the hold to knock Williams and Bate back off the apron. The cruiserweights worked their way to the top rope, leading Kalisto to attempt the Salida Del Sol. TJP escaped, hanging himself in a Tree of Woe, leading Kenny Williams to hit him with a dropkick.

Kalisto took Williams outside, and Bate began assaulting TJP. After hitting the former Cruiserweight Champion with stiff punches, he landed a belly-to-belly suplex, garnering a two-count.


Bate put TPJ in the fireman's carry position, performing the Airplane Spin, and used TJP to take out Kenny Williams and Kalisto before throwing TJP onto Williams.

Bate hit Williams with a pair of European Uppercuts and threw him into the corner. Williams caught Bate with a springboard back elbow, knocking Bate out of the ring. Kalisto was thrown out, leaving TJP and Kenny Williams in the ring.

TJP locked Williams in the middle of the ring with a leglock. When Tyler Bate and Kalisto attempted to break the lock, TJP held all three men in submission holds before Williams broke free. Kalisto was next, breaking out of a headlock before hitting both TJP and Bate with a dropkick.

Kalisto caught Williams with a kick to the head, but when he went to the top, TJP pushed Williams into the rope. TJP went for a superplex, but Bate interrupted. Kenny Williams followed Bate up top, causing TJP to bring them all crashing down in a tower of doom.

TJP knocked Kalisto outside, but Williams hit a springboard back elbow on him. Williams followed up with two dives, taking out both Kalisto and TJP. However, Bate followed Williams outside, landing on TJP and Williams. Finally, Kalisto hit a somersault plancha, taking out all three opponents.

Kalisto threw Williams in the ring and started a Lucha chant. Williams countered a tilt-a-whirl from Kalisto into a DDT, but Tyler Bate hit him with a superkick before he could capitalize. TJP caught Williams with a kick, and Williams and Kalisto found themselves outside.

TJP and Bate took each other out with a double clothesline. Williams laid Kalisto out on the floor, but before he could launch himself into the ring, Bate caught him with a left hook. Bate countered TJP's submission, hitting him with the springboard clothesline followed by the Tyler Driver '97 for the win.

Results: Tyler Bate defeated TJP, Kalisto, and Kenny Williams

A video package played of Buddy Murphy, highlighting his strength over the other cruiserweights. Murphy called himself the juggernaut of the division.

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