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205 Live Results (May 21, 2019): An injury forces the GM's hand, Fatal-5-Way gets bloody

Greg Bush
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Modified 22 May 2019, 08:49 IST

Five of 205 Live
Five of 205 Live's best competitors faced off in a "Cruiserweight Showcase"

At Money in the Bank, Tony Nese faced off against, possibly, the greatest threat to his title reign in Ariya Daivari. The Premier Athlete successfully defended the Cruiserweight Championship against his former ally after a devastating Running Kneese. With Daivari defeated, the Cruiserweights were dying to see who would be next to challenge Nese.

Daivari is not out of the picture completely, though. A Fatal-5-Way would main event tonight's episode, featuring Daivari, Mike Bennett, Oney Lorcan, The Brian Kendrick, and Akira Tozawa would certainly earn one of the participants a shot at the belt. However, tonight we started off with tag team action, as the Singh Brothers faced off against Lucha House Party.

The Singhs came out and claimed that LHP were too banged up from Lars Sullivan's beatdown to compete tonight. They asked the ref to start the 10-count, but Drake Maverick came out to spoil their good time. While LHP were injured and weren't cleared to compete tonight, another tag team would take their place.

The Singh Brothers vs Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo

The Singhs found some unexpected competition tonight
The Singhs found some unexpected competition tonight

Carrillo started off the match with Sunil Singh, who was painted across the face with a spinning heel kick. Gallagher tagged in after a springboard crossbody from Carrillo, taking over by placing Sunil in a wrist lock. Sunil broke out, but was tied up in a ball by Gallagher, who then tagged in Carrillo for an assisted springboard arm drag. Sunil kicked out at two.

Sunil brought Carrillo into his corner, finally tagging in his brother Samir. The Singh Brothers then tagged in and out beating Carrillo down with punches and kicks before taking him overhead with a double suplex. Samir went for the pin but Carrillo broke out at two.


Carrillo fought out of a headlock, but was taken down with a dropkick coming off the ropes. Sunil tagged in and continued with a diving double axe handle. Carrillo tried to roll Sunil up after he taunted the crowd, but Sunil broke out.

Samir tagged in, continuing to pound their opponent into the mat. Carrillo finally made it to Gallagher after sending Samir chest first into the turnbuckle.

Gallagher leveled Samir and Sunil with a pair of strong right hands. Gallagher connected with a stalling vertical suplex, and when Samir kicked out, he locked in a single Boston crab.

Samir tagged Sunil in while in the hold, allowing his brother to strike Gallagher from behind with a clothesline. Gallagher suffered a lot of punishment, but escaped a double suplex attempt, tagging in Carrillo, who pinned Samir Singh with the Aztec Press.

Results: Humberto Carrillo & Jack Gallagher defeated the Singh Brothers via pinfall.

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Published 22 May 2019, 08:49 IST
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