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205 Live Results - May 8th, 2018

Greg Bush
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Buddy Murphy looks to erase his one loss on 205 Live

The commentary team started 205 Live off hyping up the main event of Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali.

Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) vs Gallagher and Kendrick

Lucha House Party came out first, and the commentary team made sure to remind the WWE Universe that Kalisto only got his Cruiserweight Title shot because Buddy Murphy didn't make weight before Greatest Royal Rumble.

Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher came out next. However, before the match began, Drew Gulak crashed the party. Gulak would shake the hands of fans before wiping his hand on his jacket. The Submission Specialist joined the commentary team for this tag match.

Gallagher and Lince Dorado began the match, with Dorado showing off some athleticism to start off the show. Gallagher quickly put him down on the ground with a headlock. Dorado countered, putting Gallagher in a headlock with his legs. Gallagher attempted his head stand spot, but Dorado pushed him over and slapped him.

The cruiserweights then began a chain wrestling/pinning competition of sorts, rolling each other over repeatedly for a few seconds. The two men broke out of the pins, but as they got up, they fell over due to dizziness.

Metalik tagged in and hit Gallagher with a dropkick, and kept Gallagher on the defensive. Gallagher tagged in Kendrick but Kendrick was tossed over the ropes, and Metalik hit Gallagher with a leap over the ropes.

Metalik went back into the ring to trash talk Gallagher, but Kendrick snuck up behind him, catching him with stiff kicks to the head. Gulak stated that the only House Party he enjoys involves Kid and Play.


Gallagher and Kendrick spent the next few minutes beating down Metalik, forcing the luchador into a handful of submissions. Gallagher and Kendrick kept Metalik grounded, which Gulak appreciated.

Metalik attempted to get to his corner with Kendrick chasing after him. Kendrick tried to send him back to his corner, but Metalik fought to Dorado, who leaped into action, hitting him with a flying cross body.

Dorado connected with a running hurricanrana followed by a pair of dropkicks. Kendrick threw him into the ropes but Dorado caught Kendrick with the Golden Rewind. However, Gallagher broke up the pin and forced Dorado into the corner, hitting him with a dropkick while Kendrick hit a Sliced Bread.

Metalik broke up the pin, and Lucha House Party hit stereo superkicks before Dorado hit Gallagher with a Shooting Star Press for the win.

Results: Lucha House Party defeats Gallagher and Kendrick

Lucha House Party spun their noisemakers as Drew Gulak looked on in utter disgust.

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