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3 Current WWE rumours we hope are true and 3 we hope are not

suman lata
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#5 Hope Not- There will be only one set of women's tag team titles for both brands

Women’s Tag Team Titles are finally coming to WWE.
Women’s Tag Team Titles are finally coming to WWE.

The introduction of women’s tag team titles was in rumors for a long time and finally on Christmas Eve, Mr. McMahon revealed that WWE’s women division will continue to break down the barriers in 2019, as women’s tag team titles will be introduced.

However, while making this announcement, Mr. McMahon didn’t make clear as of how many sets of title will be introduced.

However, Bryan Alvarez has shed a little more light on this. Appearing on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live Alvarez told that WWE has ordered only one set of Women’s Tag Team titles so one of two brands will get the title, or the titles will be defended on both brands.

As of right now, I can’t say much, but I think WWE may have decided to go on with a single set of titles after seeing how there aren’t enough women's tag teams on both brands.

So, maybe after introducing more women tag teams on the main roster, WWE might add one more set of titles letting each brand have their own collection of titles.

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