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3 current WWE superstars that should retire, and 3 former WWE stars that should stay retired

Ross Harvey
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Shaun and Undertaker don't like retiring.
Shaun and Undertaker don't like retiring.

If WWE had a slogan for 2019 it would most likely be “A Fresh Start”. As ratings slumped to abysmal levels, something was going to snap, and it was either going to be the attention of the WWE Universe or a change of course for the future of the red and blue brands.

New superstars are being called up from NXT, new titles are being unleashed, more interesting storylines are being introduced, and now it only remains to be seen which superstars are likely to hang up their boots once and for all.

For the WWE it's a delicate mix of retaining some star power, but also trimming slow lacklustre performances by “trading in the old for the new”, so to speak.

But also on more than one occasion, we have seen superstars dust off their ring attire, and entire the ring for “one more match”. Nostalgia is a fine thing but trying to recreate fond memories will often disappoint.

Let's now look at the superstars in the roster who should retire, and those who should avoid setting their sights on an in-ring return.

Should Retire: Kane

The Big Red Machine takes his corporate Kane character to a new level.
The Big Red Machine takes his corporate Kane character to a new level.

The Big Red Machine is not short of speculation about leaving the pyro ring posts behind, as he has recently taken up his own post as the new “Big Red” Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. With his sights now set on a long-term future in politics, it may not mix well with the day to day chores of a WWE wrestler.

Sure, WWE has proven that you can be a part-time wrestler, or indeed even a one-night-a-year-wrestler. But it begs to question whether Kane is now a big enough draw to warrant coming back for as much as maybe once a month.

As the Saudi/WWE deal seems to be still in effect we may see more ‘Once in a lifetime’ matches. But realistically the WWE need to freshen up their image and bring more of their current roster into their legend status. Anyone from Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio or even John Cena could fill the void, all who are still very capable in-ring performers.

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