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3 Feuds SmackDown Should End And 3 They Should Begin

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SmackDown has some of the best superstars in the business today
SmackDown has some of the best superstars in the business today

SmackDown Live has seen its value crawl up in recent weeks with good rivalries and great matches leading the brand into a good end for the year. This has made the fans believe that it is slowly becoming a better show than Raw.

Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy have put on some of the best matches in recent memories, while AJ Styles has been teaming up with Daniel Bryan to take on the Usos in the past two weeks. Also, a combination of Natalya, Bayley, and Sasha Banks has taken on one or more members of The Riott Squad.

Even though the Evolution pay-per-view is now around the corner, we were deprived of some top-quality women’s matches which came as a surprise.

Fans were expecting to see a women’s match main event either on Raw or SmackDown Live this week to close out the show and build towards Evolution.

Rusev and Aiden English began a really interesting angle, which fell apart a bit too quickly and now we can’t wait for it to end so that Rusev can get on to some more interesting rivalries and get in the title picture once again.

The WWE now seems to be in a position where it needs to shake-up the match card a bit to make things more interesting, and get deserving superstars on track for better rivalries. Which feuds should SmackDown end, and which ones should the brand begin? Let’s find out.

#3 End – Rusev vs Aiden English

Time to throw this storyline out of the window
Time to throw this storyline out of the window

Rusev is undeniably one of the best wrestlers on SmackDown. He has the in-ring skills very few men his size and strength have.

Couple that off with a persona that has worked great both as a heel and as a face, and he has ensured that the fans are behind him every night, and celebrate Rusev Day every day.


Rusev and English’s partnership fell apart in recent weeks due to Lana’s role in the middle. This gave a push to a very interesting angle, that fell apart badly only a couple of weeks after ignition.

With their last match on SmackDown Live, it seems like this rivalry needs to stop as soon as possible, as it’s harming both men’s reputation more than helping it.

Rusev is more of a top-level superstar who should be engaged in top feuds, while Aiden English deserves a place only in the mid-cards at the moment.

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