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3 former World Champions who are being misused in WWE

David Cullen
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Not The Bar as a solo star
Not The Bar as a solo star

Today WWE has the largest roster it has ever had. Other than the main roster, you also have the 205 Live guys, NXT and now NXT UK, so naturally superstars are being the best they can be to get those top spots.

However, putting on exciting and thrilling action, or being just flat out entertaining in doing whatever they are being told to do doesn't always guarantee being treated like the superstars they are.

Not only do WWE have lower card level stars that are being incredibly misused, but their are even former World Champions in WWE today who, to no fault of their own, are struggling to stay afloat on RAW and SmackDown.

Among the many, here are three former World Champions who are being heavily underused in WWE today.

#3 Rhyno

Gore! Gore! Gore! No More?

Alright, so at 42 years old Rhyno won't be in the main event of WWE Monday Night Raw next week, or the week after or next year, but he certainly deserves more than what he is getting today.

The last ever original ECW Champion and a former NWA World Champion, Rhyno joined WWE in 2001 to a monster push.

While WWE suffered creatively during the failed WCW/ECW Alliance angle, one good thing about WWE not signing any of the big former WCW names was it gave opportunity to lower level card stars like Rhyno for some big matches and programs.

After a few months of big matches, Rhyno's broken neck would keep him out of action until 2003, and when he returned, WWE seemed to have lost interest in pushing him. After being fired in 2005, he went onto have a mostly successful 6 year run with TNA, where he won the NWA World Championship.

Fast forward all these years to 2018, and Rhyno is still in tremendous shape, but has seen better days.

Rhyno and Heath Slater became the first ever WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions in 2016 and were quite the entertaining comedic duo, however although they are still together today, you would only find them already in the ring after Raw has returned from a commercial break, often not even being acknowledged by the ring announcers, awaiting to be defeated by another team in a 2 - 4 minute near squash match.

I am not saying Rhyno should be having 20 minute matches with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns every week, but he deserves far more than what they are doing with him.

He and Heath Slater could be put to far better use as a comedic team, and if not, Rhyno could even be a legit challenger for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Another quick loss for Rhyno and Heath.

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