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3 Legendary WWE Superstars who had matches against their imposters

Avik Das
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Kane vs Kane
Kane vs Kane

WWE has been around for many decades and we have seen several jaw-dropping matches. Numerous feuds took wrestling by storm. Rivalries between The Rock and Stone Cold, John Cena and Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and Undertaker are some standout feuds. On the other hand, we also saw some unusual matches in the ring.

Aside from facing top-notch rivals, some Superstars also faced their imposters in the squared circle. Although there are some twin Superstars like Bella Twins or The Usos, this list is not about them. A number of Superstars locked horns with their a virtual duplicate and personality double. It has proven to be a very effective tactic in order to leave fans hyped and eager to find out the real and the imposter versions of the characters going head-to-head. Below is a list of three such instances -

#3 Kane

Kane is one of the most dominating characters in the history of Vince McMahon's billion dollar company. The Big Red Machine won several titles in his long career. Kane is currently a part-timer who wrestles occasionally. The former WWE Champion's last bout was at Crown Jewel where he teamed up with the Undertaker.

Kane squared off with many top Superstars of the company. Though the Devil's Favorite Demon is known for his frightening persona, he got stunned when saw himself on an episode of RAW in 2006. Kane's imposter appeared wearing an old attire of Kane from 1997. The imposter Kane proceeded to chokeslam the real one.

The two men faced each other at Vengeance where Kane was thwarted by his imposter. The Big Red Machine threw the duplicate Kane out of the arena on the RAW after Vengeance. Moreover, the real Kane also took off the mask of imposter Kane, revealing to the world that it had been Luke Gallows all along.  

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