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3 Most likely finishes for Lesnar vs. Kingston on SmackDown's FOX debut

Seth Carter
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Published 02 Oct 2019, 17:00 IST
02 Oct 2019, 17:00 IST

The WWE Title will be on the line on SmackDown Live
The WWE Title will be on the line on SmackDown Live's Fox debut, October 4.

WWE will begin its relationship with FOX on Friday, October 4th. Smackdown Live is set to make its FOX debut and will be looking to kick things off with a bang. There are plenty of stars scheduled to make appearances on the show, including the biggest movie star in the world, Dwayne “The Rock'' Johnson.  

With all the glitz and glamour WWE will be bringing, the main focus will be on making a lasting impression in the ring. Viewers need more than special attractions, if WWE expects them to come back for more. The evening's main event will feature the current WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston and his challenger, Brock Lesnar

What does WWE management think the best route will be to maximize a regular weekly fan base on FOX? Here are the top three most likely outcomes of the WWE title match.  

#3. Brock Lesnar Wins Decisively

Will Lesnar walk away with SmackDown
Will Lesnar walk away with SmackDown's biggest prize?

Brock Lesnar wins and Smackdown Live begins anew on FOX with a part-time champion. This is the least desirable outcome for most, but it’s certainly worth entertaining the notion. Lesnar is a transcendent star. His fame goes beyond the ropes of the squared circle and into the mainstream. 

While many tenured WWE fans may be sour on the idea of another Lesnar title reign, WWE is expecting many first time viewers. It is possible the company sees Lesnar, a former UFC Champion, as a bridge to the mainstream FOX audience.

Moving Forward

This victory would allow WWE to position one of its biggest stars directly in the spotlight on network television. The title picture would now revolve around one of its highest paid Superstars. It may not seem ideal to the hardcore fans, but it’s certainly a reasonable business decision. 

Lesnar can move forward into a feud with Kofi that takes them to the Hell in a Cell PPV. They could also pivot and have Brock go head to head with a number of big names already on Smackdown, such as Randy Orton and Roman Reigns.  

This is probably the safest move. The question is, does WWE want to lay it up and play it safe or go for the pin?


The next two slides are higher risk resolutions to this booking. As the old saying goes, with high risk comes high rewards.

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