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3 of the funniest off air WWE segments

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WWE Presents Wrestlemania 23
Wrestlemania 23 - a funny moment in WWE PPV history

WWE is known for ending their show on a note where you are left wanting for more during the final segment. This has kept the world of professional wrestling always on their toes to create something so compelling that fans want to talk about it even after the camera stops rolling.

While this has been the way the business works, and Raw's 25 years can confirm that, what's funnier is the fact that there are times when wrestlers go beyond their on-camera character to give us moments and memories that can tickle our funny bone.

Stone Cold was a serious competitor, and so was the Rock as well as Mick Foley, but what if you saw them fight it out in the ring when the camera is rolling, and laugh it out when they stopped the live feed of the show.

In this article, I take you through 3 such funny moments after the cameras stopped streaming on television.

#3 The beer segment

Wrap it up! What?
Wrap it up! What?

This episode dates back to April 1 2004, when Batista and Randy Orton came together to attack The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley. In an attempt to make the save and even the odds, The Rock joined the legend and took the two out.

After this, Stone Cold Steve Austin came in the ring and cut a promo with two of the biggest and best names in the history of sports entertainment. The moment they created was so lovely that when the camera crew or the ringside staff asked the trio to wrap it up, the fans showed their disagreement to the crew's remarks.

Lilian was a great sport during this segment, and you can't stop laughing when Stone Cold talks about how he proposed to Lilian and what happened. The 'What?' chants to Stone Cold's remarks on The Rock will leave you in splits.

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