3 possible finishes for Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan at WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024

Who will leave Saudi Arabia as the Women
Who will leave Saudi Arabia as the Women's World Champion

This Saturday, WWE will present the King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event in Saudi Arabia.

While WWE fans are eager to see which two stars will come out on top in the finals of the King and Queen of the Ring tournaments, there are also other contests on the card that carry a lot of intrigue.

One match that many are excited to see is the showdown between the Women's World Champion Becky Lynch and the challenger Liv Morgan. Since returning, Liv has sought revenge against all who wronged her as she attempts to also win the gold.

With a lot at stake both personally and professionally in this match, let's look at three potential finishes to Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan as they battle it out for the Women's World Championship.

#3 - The Man continues to show her dominance

Despite losing to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 40 for the Women's World Championship, Becky Lynch now finds herself as champion after the Eradicator had to vacate the title due to injury.

Although she and Ripley had their differences, Lynch has shown respect to Rhea in recent weeks for how she carried herself as a champion during her reign.

To capture the belt, the Irishwoman won a battle royal on RAW, eliminating Liv Morgan at the end to win the title.

Following her victory, Becky Lynch spoke on WWE's YouTube Channel about her huge win and what it means to her.

"It feels great to hear [I’m the WWE Women’s World Champion]. I’ve never held this championship before. Look at it, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful. Look, for the last few months, Rhea even said it, I’ve been burning the candle all out. I’ve been away from my daughter for weeks on end. Got myself a New York Times bestseller for a damn near month. But man, it’s worth it. It’s worth it because the words of my book are written on my gear. It reminds me why I do this, where I started, where I’ve gotten to. We’re just going up, baby."

For almost a decade now, Becky Lynch has worked as the face of WWE's Women's division, defeating top star after top star.

Although many WWE fans would like to see Morgan win the gold in Saudi Arabia this weekend, do not be surprised if The Man comes around once more and brings Liv's revenge tour to an abrupt end.

#2 - Liv Morgan embraces her dark side

Since making her return at the Royal Rumble in January, Liv Morgan has looked to distance herself from her old WWE persona, blaming Rhea Ripley for her time off.

During a recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Liv Morgan explained how she got injured back in the summer, and how what seemed to be a routine shoulder injury ended up being a lot more severe.

"I dislocated my shoulder in a match with Ripley. And I went and got an MRI, the MRI showed a labral tear. I don’t know if you guys know anything about MRIs, but they’re only 60% accurate. I did not know that." Liv added: "So I opted for the surgery, but luckily I did because like I said, MRIs are only 60% accurate. So when my surgeon opened up my little shoulder, he was like well, bicep tear, rotator cuff tear, labrum tear. And so I had all these extra tears and rips in my shoulder that we wouldn’t have known about had I not gotten the surgery. So if I chose to just rehab I wouldn’t have healed properly and we wouldn’t have known why."

Since becoming the number one contender for Lynch's title, Liv Morgan has looked to get under the skin of Becky. Most notably on RAW this week when she hit Lyra Valkyria, Becky's close friend, with a cheap shot backstage.

Now more comfortable with using underhanded tactics and having fallen short on multiple big stages in recent years, Liv Morgan may look to cheat to win the Women's World Championship this weekend.

#1 - WWE's biggest villain helps Liv Morgan on her revenge tour

With her rival Rhea Ripley currently out of action due to injury, Liv Morgan's path to WWE glory has seemed to become a lot simpler.

As well as not having to deal with one of the leaders of The Judgment Day, Liv has also looked to cause some friction between the group.

In recent weeks eagle-eyed fans have noticed Liv backstage with Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio, with many speculating as to whether they have now chosen to align with Morgan and put Ripley to the side.

If that is indeed the case, WWE fans may witness a new alliance form this weekend in Saudi Arabia, with Dominik Mysterio ending his relationship with Rhea as he joins forces with Liv Morgan to help her win the Women's World Championship.

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