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3 possible winners of the 2017 Royal Rumble match

Lets take a look at the wrestlers who have the best chance of winning the Royal Rumble match.

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HHH won last year’s Rumble match

It’s 2017 and the professional wrestling world is on the road to Wrestlemania. The first major step towards the biggest wrestling show of the year is the Royal Rumble. Almost all major titles are being defended in this year’s Rumble.

However, the pivot of attraction is the 30 man Royal Rumble match; after all, it’s the crown jewel of the Royal Rumble PPV. The winner of the Royal Rumble match receives a World Championship match and the opportunity to headline Wrestlemania.

Over the years, many young and talented men have won the match to become an overnight success. Even the Attitude Era was kick-started by Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1998 Royal Rumble match.

Thus, the Rumble match has been a great way to push a wrestler. However, even the already established superstars have also often won the match setting them on course to headline Wrestlemania.

There is a lot of fanfare surrounding this year’s Rumble, as it’s going to be the biggest Royal Rumble PPV of all time, and also because of the unpredictability of this year’s Rumble match.

There are almost seven to eight men who are genuine contenders to win the Rumble match, making it the most unpredictable 30-man Rumble match of all time. Here are three men who probably have the best chance of winning this year’s Royal Rumble match.

#1 The Undertaker

Will The Deadman finally taste success at the Royal Rumble?

The Undertaker is in the twilight of his career. Even though he is already an established superstar and doesn’t need to be pushed, he still might win the Rumble. It’s widely believed that this year’s Wrestlemania might be the last of the Deadman’s career.

Thus, it would be a fitting farewell if he wrestles his final match for a World Championship in the main-event of the grandest stage of them all.

The Undertaker has been strongly booked throughout his career, however, he has only won the Royal Rumble match once. With his final Wrestlemania looming, the WWE creative team might book him to win the match again.

Even according to the storyline, the Phenom’s victory has a decent chance of happening, as it can give birth to a lot of potential storylines.

There is some hearsay, that the proposed booking idea for the Undertaker is to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 33 for the WWE Championship.

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Cena is currently scheduled to face AJ Styles for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble. Thus, he could probably defeat Styles to win the title; while Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble match. The two mega-stars could then go on to headline Wrestlemania 33.

Another potential feud that has been teased is between The Undertaker and Braun Strowman. Undertaker could win the Rumble with Strowman winning the WWE Universal title at Fast Lane. Thus, both men could go on to main-event this year’s Wrestlemania.

The Deadman’s career has never been defined by World title matches or by championship reigns. However, headlining the show of all shows in his final match will serve as a great tribute; it will also help the WWE in selling tickets for the 2017 Mania.

This year’s Rumble is in Texas which is The Phenom’s home state, so it can surely be expected that he could play a more important role at the event. Thus, he might win the match to add another feather in his cap.

It would still be better, however, if WWE used the Rumble match to set-up a non-title feud for The Undertaker with a rising star such as Finn Balor.

The Undertaker sharing the ring in his final match with “The Demon King” will propel Balor’s WWE career to new heights. Speaking of which, let’s get to the second wrestler on this list.

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