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3 Reasons Becky Lynch will win at WrestleMania 35 and 3 Reasons she might lose

  • It's put up or shut up time for the Lass Kicker. Can Becky Lynch win the biggest match of her life at Wrestlemania 35?
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Modified 04 Apr 2019, 10:30 IST
Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch

The term "changing of the guard" has significant meaning when it pertains to professional wrestling. When a new Superstar comes into their own and takes over the top star spot, then it is referred to as a changing of the guard.

You've likely witnessed at least one changing of the guard during your tenure as a wrestling fan. It happened on January 23, 1984 when a young Terry Bollea--known better by his stage name Hulk Hogan--unseated the Iron Sheik as WWE champion, beginning a five-year reign.

Another changing of the guard happened during the Attitude Era when Shawn Michaels was dethroned from the top star position of the company by Stone Cold Steve Austin. It didn't matter that Austin would take months to actually capture the championship from Michaels, incidentally at Wrestlemania, because Austin was already the top star long before that.

After almost single-handedly winning the Monday Night War for WWE, Stone Cold himself would abdicate top star position to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The changing of the guard had happened once more.

Becky Lynch is this Era's representative of that changing of the guard. Her stardom has catapulted to the stratosphere in a short span of time, and she's done it all her own unique way while challenging gender stereotypes and what it truly means to be a woman wrestler in 2019.

The fans, the dirt sheets, and the speculation of wrestling journalists and critics all seem to point toward a Becky Lynch victory at Wrestlemania 35. Are they correct to put so much faith in her, or is Lynch going to lose? Here are three reasons why Becky Lynch might win at Wrestlemania 35...and three why she might not.

#1 Might Win: The People's Champion

Becky Lynch with a young male fan. Lynch
Becky Lynch with a young male fan. Lynch's popularity transcends age, race, and gender.

Becky Lynch has that rarest of all elements that make a perfect pro wrestler: Charisma. Without it, a career can flounder. Just ask "Adam Bomb" Bryan Clark, who in spite of being huge and having a great build could never reach the heights of the Hogans and Rocks of wrestling.

But with it, and even the most average or even unskilled wrestler can thrive, and even make it to the top. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, bless his heart, was never a ring technician but his charisma makes him a world known star. Becky Lynch is neither average nor unskilled, and she possesses this charisma.

The people have embraced "The Man" as their spiritual guide for this new era not only in wrestling but in their own lives a well.

Becky Lynch is the new people's champion, and that could mean a victory at Wrestlemania is all but guaranteed.

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Published 04 Apr 2019, 10:30 IST
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