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3 Reasons behind Stephanie McMahon making on-screen return to WWE RAW

Johny Payne
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Stephanie McMahon is the top heel in WWE today
Stephanie McMahon is the top heel in WWE today

Stephanie McMahon is perhaps one of the most underrated talents to have ever graced the professional wrestling ring.

While detractors of the "Billionaire Princess" would strongly detest that fact, it's no secret that "Steph" has been one of the most consistent on-screen characters in the history of television, let alone WWE programming. It was in the 1990s that Stephanie McMahon began essaying the role of the heir apparent to the WWE empire which was created by her father Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

When tuning in to Monday Night RAW, week in and week out, you can't help but recall the time when Stephanie was first introduced in a prominent role on WWE programming. A pretty young girl during the wildest period in professional wrestling i.e. the 1990s--McMahon looked confident, yet vulnerable; strong, but naive; passionate, albeit rough around the edges.

Regardless, to think that the aforementioned young lady evolved into one of the most successful businesswomen in the world; is a testament to the hard work and dedication to one's craft displayed by Stephanie McMahon. Speaking of which, here, we address a rather burning topic as regards a few possible reasons behind Stephanie making her on-screen return to Monday Night RAW.

Bear in mind, this could have huge storyline implications from this point moving forward--

#3 Heels prevail

With the blessings of Stephanie McMahon, heels shall prevail on WWE RAW
With the blessings of Stephanie McMahon, heels shall prevail on WWE RAW

While the WWE is yet to confirm whether or not Stephanie McMahon is likely to helm the Monday Night RAW ship, on-screen, in the ensuing weeks--the heel authority figure has already made her one appearance on the show count. Stephanie brought about a magnanimous change in the RAW pecking order; what with her having forced RAW General Manager Kurt Angle to 'take a vacation'.

It's been fascinating to observe the myriad of reactions from the WWE Universe, in the aftermath of Stephanie's appearance on this week's episode of RAW--with most fans noting that while her on-screen character is that of an evil heel, she did bring about a much-needed revamp in the Monday Night RAW authority dynamics.

Several fans seemed to be growing a tad impatient with the weekly games of one-upmanship between Angle and Baron Corbin--something which has now been simmered down, with Stephanie sending Angle on a vacation and appointing Constable Corbin as the "Acting GM" of RAW.

The devil is in the details, folks. Stephanie according to this huge authority role to Constable Corbin, will surely have a butterfly effect on RAW and WWE as a whole. Corbin taking Angle's place, albeit temporarily, opens up a ton of angles on RAW which would definitely favor the heels on WWE's red brand.

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