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3 Reasons why Finn Balor should bring back the Demon King in NXT and 2 reasons why he should not

Modified 10 Jan 2021
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#2 Reason Finn Balor should not bring back Demon King in NXT - It's a special gimmick and should only be used sparingly

The Demon King showed up for special moments in NXT and WWE.
The Demon King showed up for special moments in NXT and WWE.

It would be great to see Finn Balor as the Demon King in NXT and WWE again. It's an example of a WWE star getting to be creative and new. Several current WWE and NXT stars could stand to try something similar.

The likes of Natalya, Jeff Hardy, Charlotte Flair and Sheamus are pretty much the same characters that they've always been with minimal changes. The heel or face turn is usually signified by who they are fighting when they turn. And for Hardy, someone who is immensely creative, he's played the same daredevil, never-say-die babyface during his entire run in WWE. That's likely a case of management not wanting him to change, but the point is still valid.

Trying something new can either be a huge hit or miss. It worked with The Fiend but things like that don't always work out. Just take a look Emmalina from a few years ago, for example. But now in IMPACT, Tenille Dashwood is basically doing the same thing.

Finn Balor's Demon King is like The Fiend - the persona is only used as an end-game in a feud or for a special occasion. While Wyatt uses the Fiend more than Finn Balor uses the Demon King, it's still a case of something that isn't used every time either performer shows up. For Finn Balor, this is how things should stay.

That's how gimmicks like this should be used - a few times a year or to signal the end or beginning of a feud. It's just like cinematic matches. They should only be used sparingly during a calendar year in NXT and WWE.

When something is overused - like certain moves in wrestling - things get too predictable and repetitive. If moves and personas are only brought out on special occasions, it signifies a last resort or that the stakes are much higher than usual. If Finn Balor breaks out the Demon King and starts to use it more and more during this run in NXT, it may lead to overexposure. That could be a problem in the middle of a ratings war on Wednesday nights.

Published 10 Jan 2021, 18:10 IST
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