3 reasons why Iyo Sky won the 2023 WWE Women's Money in the Bank ladder match

The Genius Of The Sky outsmarted the field and claimed the contract in London
The Genius of the Sky outsmarted the field and claimed the contract in London

IYO SKY outlasted five other women to win the pulsating 2023 WWE Women's Money in the Bank ladder match. The Genius of the Sky emerged victorious in a creative fashion, handcuffing Becky Lynch and Bayley before climbing over the latter to claim the briefcase.

After seeing fellow fan favorite LA Knight fall short earlier in the show, the WWE Universe was ecstatic to see the former NXT Women's champion prevail. It remains to be seen whether she will choose to cash in on her former rival Rhea Ripley or long-time career frenemy Asuka.

For now, let's look at three possible reasons why IYO SKY won the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

#3. IYO SKY was simply the best choice to win the WWE Women's Money In The Bank match

Of the six women in the 2023 Women's Money in the Bank match, IYO SKY had the best mix of experience and hunger needed to win. Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Trish Stratus, already multi-time champions, have already tasted glory and were thus not as hungry as SKY.

Zelina Vega and Zoey Stark were as hungry as she was but didn't have the pedigree of the former NXT Champion. Therefore, it made sense that SKY prevailed since she was one of the women who needed it the most and had what it took to get to the mountaintop. Additionally, she was the fan favorite.

#2: The Genius of The Sky has a compelling history with both WWE Women's Champions

Which Women's champion will Iyo Sky target?
Which Women's champion will Iyo Sky target?

IYO SKY first crossed paths with Asuka in 2010 in Japan, teaming with The Empress of Tomorrow for years as part of the Triple Tails faction. The duo's respective legendary tenures in NXT did not overlap, but they crossed paths again on the main roster, this time as rivals.

The WWE Women's Champion and Damage CTRL member have had some tense exchanges in recent months, and all signs point to a potential feud between them being explosive. However, it's worth noting that The Genius of the Sky also shares history with Rhea Ripley from their battles in NXT and could rekindle that instead.

It thus makes sense that she won the contract since her compelling history with both champions will keep fans guessing until she makes her choice.

#1. IYO SKY won the Money in the Bank contract to kickstart her solo career on the WWE main roster

Since returning to WWE at SummerSlam 2022, IYO SKY has been a tag team competitor as part of Damage CTRL. She has found considerable success, becoming a two-time Women's Tag Team Champion with Dakota Kai. Now that the latter is on the shelf with a long-term injury, the company may have finally decided to give Purple Thunder a solo run.

Considering that she was one of the best singles stars in NXT and Stardom over the past decade, it's difficult to argue against this choice. We can't wait to see what the future holds for The Genius of the Sky and who she will cash in on. Keep an eye on that tension between her and Bayley, too!

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