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3 reasons Lars Sullivan is WWE's next Brock Lesnar

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Lars Sullivan has all the potential to replace The Beast Incarnate.
Lars Sullivan has all the potential to replace The Beast Incarnate.

The WWE has a lot of wrestlers working on their payroll, and it is no secret that some of these superstars have a higher place in the WWE hierarchy than others.

It is a long-held tradition that WWE grooms younger talents to replace someone on the top of the food chain. One of the most recent examples is how WWE groomed Roman Reigns to replace John Cena a few years ago. Currently, Reigns is the face of WWE whereas Cena has been reduced to a part-time role.

Replacing someone when the time comes is a humongous task for the newer talents. They have to fill in some big shoes, and most of them buckle under pressure.

One huge superstar who may leave WWE soon is Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate is itching to return to UFC as soon as possible. Thus, WWE needs to find someone who can replace Lesnar as the toughest son of a gun in WWE.

Many signs suggest that WWE may be planning to groom Lars Sullivan as WWE's next Brock Lesnar and in this piece, we will take a look at a few things that suggest that is the case.

#3 Physical stature

Lars Sullivan is physically similar to Brock Lesnar.
Lars Sullivan is physically similar to Brock Lesnar.

The popular saying in wrestling internet chatrooms is that, "Vince McMahon loves big sweaty men". There is a reason why WWE prefers larger than life characters to relatable underdogs. This is also a huge reason why WWE pushed Brock Lesnar to the main event scene during his early days. Lesnar made his debut to the main roster by destroying Spike Dudley and co.

Sullivan is a 6' 3 monster and weighs over 300 pounds. Physically Sullivan is quite similar to the Beast Incarnate. WWE has pushed forward almost every big man during his first few days thus the possibility of Lars getting a tremendous push is already on the cards.

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