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3 Reasons the Shield should split up again, and 3 they should not.

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Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns seem unstoppable, but is it too much of a good thing?

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From the upper decks of the arena they came, with a crackling of Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta from the loudspeaker. Their methodical, ominous march toward the ring instilled dread in the WWE Universe and their hapless opponents in the ring. Once they reached its confines they would demolish their victims, the most unlucky of which would suffer their dreaded triple powerbomb.

Originally conceived as the minions of CM Punk, the Shield grew to be so popular that they became their own men, the Hounds of Justice who would wreak havoc and destruction in their wake.

All good things must come to an end, however, and for years the Shield was a memory. Recently they reformed, and seem more dominant than ever.

But is the Shield reunion really what's best for business? Here are three reasons the Shield should split up again, and three they should not.

Should Split up again: You can't have two Big Dogs in one stable

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Roman Reigns is main-event talent, a once and future world champion. But then again, so is Seth Rollins. And for that matter, so is Dean Ambrose.

So, who's the top dog in the Shield? In the Four Horsemen it was Ric Flair, in the NWO it was Hollywood Hogan, and in Evolution it was Triple H. Roman Reigns seems positioned as the de facto main event star by virtue of the title he carries, but both Seth and Dean have a rightful claim on a title shot if they choose to pursue it.

The Shield is going to, by its very nature, hold back two of the three men from the main event, which is a disservice to any of them.

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