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3 reasons Triple H vs Batista is a great feud

Amit Shukla
1.95K   //    02 Oct 2018, 13:36 IST

Will 'The animal' lay 'The Game'?
Will 'The animal' lay 'The Game'?

This week on Raw we saw Triple H and Shawn Michaels (commonly major members of DX) take a beating from the 'Brothers Of Destruction.' The segment was loved by all, and some quoted it as the best segment of the last decade. While a lot of us may think otherwise, it is safe to say that WWE has built up the feud well before WWE Super Show-Down.

While there are many up-and-coming superstars of tomorrow in this show, the company has focused on making the match between these two part-timers as the flagship match for the show. The thought of this being the last time ever match has added more fuel to the buildup of the match.

While the WWE Universe has gone gaga over this match, I have been a bit too involved and inclined to see Batista challenge Triple H for a match at the shows of shows.

Ever since the company announced that 'The Animal' will return for #SD1000 and the entire 'Evolution' group would be on the same, the stakes of 'The Animal' challenging 'The Game' isn't out of question.

Batista has made it clear in the past that he wants to have his final match and storyline with WWE COO, and it seems like the company also sees value in this storyline. If you remember Batista left the WWE after Evolution couldn't take out 'The Shield' and it was hoped that he would return for 'One More Match.'

With that in mind, let's find out why a match between them would be a great idea:


#3 Old Feud

They have been friends and enemies in the WWE, and their feud has always been a win-win situation for the company. They have beaten each other up, and also bonded to take out a common enemy.

If they feud at this juncture when Batista is a renowned Hollywood Star, and HHH is a corporate employee, the feud will be an instant hit because they haven't feuded in a long time.

WWE Universe wants to see this match and to feed them this match will be a 'Best For Business' idea.

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