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3 reasons why the Aleister Black vs Cesaro feud should continue beyond Extreme Rules

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We need more of this!
We need more of this!

Extreme Rules had many big moments. Kofi Kingston defended his title once again and this time, it was against Samoa Joe. Prior to that, Xavier Woods and Big E won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, which now means that every New Day member has a title around his waist.

Meanwhile, AJ Styles won the United States Championship from Ricochet while Shinsuke Nakamura became the new Intercontinental Champion after beating Finn Balor for the title.

The biggest moment of the PPV, however, goes to Brock Lesnar for cashing in his Money in the Bank contract right after Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch defended their respective titles against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans.

Lesnar is now a three time Universal Champion and most of the post-show talk is about that.

Amid all that, the one match that deserves the most recognition has gone under the radar: Cesaro vs Aleister Black.

When the match was announced for Extreme Rules, fans were expecting a superb show inside the ring and the duo didn’t disappoint. Indeed, if anything, they have given WWE multiple reasons to let the feud continue a bit longer…

#3 Potential of being the best non-title feud in years

Cesaro mocks Black
Cesaro mocks Black

It has been a long time since WWE has had a great non-title feud including two Superstars. The quality of a company doesn’t lie in title feuds, but in the ones that go beyond it.

The way this rivalry between Cesaro and Black started, it has the potential to be a great bout. At first, Cesaro knocked at his door and disappeared, only for him to reveal himself a week before Extreme Rules.


Even during the match, the mind games between the two were prevalent. As a result, the psychological aspect of the rivalry is already there, and with Black playing a part, not only will it be increased tenfold but Cesaro’s character will finally get the depth it requires.

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