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3 Reasons why Asuka losing to Charlotte was a bad idea, and 3 Reasons why it was a good one

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30 Mar 2019, 15:49 IST

The Empress dethroned by a Queen; Asuka attempts a crucifix on Charlotte.
The Empress dethroned by a Queen; Asuka attempts a crucifix on Charlotte.

The pro wrestling fandom has erupted about the Empress of Tomorrow losing her Smackdown Live title just before Wrestlemania 35. Did the WWE botch this one? Here are three reasons why, and three reasons why not.

Say what you will about the sudden title change on Smackdown Live and how it pertains to Asuka and the women's division in general, it will still go down as one of the most talked about and shocking moments in WWE history.

With Wrestlemania 35 just around the corner, Asuka seemed to have her challengers lined up. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville had both challenged the Empress of Tomorrow and lost despite a valiant effort. But the battles lost did not mean the war was over. Things seemed to be building toward a three-way match at Wrestlemania 35 between Rose, Deville, and Asuka.

Then Charlotte Flair showed up - which makes sense kayfabe wise since she is a Smackdown star - and demanded a title shot, which Asuka gave her.

After a brutal, but short match full of submissions and reversals, Charlotte managed to trap Asuka in the Figure Eight and win the blue brand's women's division belt.

This created great dissension among the fan base. Many are decrying the sudden, jarring title change, but was it really a bad decision by WWE?

Here are three reasons why it was a mistake to have Charlotte win the Smackdown Women's title, and three why it was not a mistake.

It was a mistake #1: Asuka deserves to defend her title at Wrestlemania and the fans know it


When it comes to finding pro wrestlers who are not just liked by the fans, but respected by them as well, you need to look no further than Asuka.


The Emerald tressed Empress of Tomorrow is that rare mix of talent, charisma, and toughness that was once unheard of in women wrestling in US promotions. The history of Japanese women's wrestling is far more storied than you will find in North America. Women have been taking just as hard of hits in the Land of the Rising Sun as the men for decades.

But for a long time in the US, women's wrestling was dominated by women whose appearance mattered more than their talent. Asuka helped change that, and came in on the wave of the Women's Evolution and forced everyone to up their game.

Asuka has revolutionized not only women's wrestling but the WWE itself. She deserved to defend her title at Wrestlemania 35, and the fans are displeased that she may not get the chance.

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