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3 reasons why co-branded pay per views are a good idea

2.16K   //    05 May 2018, 04:51 IST

WWE is set to return to the co-branded pay per views format with Backlash
WWE is set to return to the co-branded pay per views format with Backlash

The whole Brand rivalry and seeing superstars like Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss given the platform to shine was making WWE must-see television and for a while this formula worked.

However, in spite of the numerous shakeups, the brand split had a huge negative point which has now crept into the spotlight. That problem being the underwhelming pay per views.

It does not take a genius to notice that pay per views are just the same as any normal SmackDown or RAW, as the match-ups are repeated and there's rarely anything which sets them apart from the weekly shows, other than their duration.

This is for all the pay per views excluding the big 4, which are larger than life and do make it worth the money. But what solution could the WWE come up with which would prevent pay per views from being disappointing?

The answer is making them Co-branded pay per views and here are 3 reasons why co-branded pay per views are what's best for business.

#1 More valuable

Before anyone buys anything, they take into consideration the value for money and usefulness of the product before they make their decision. The same mentality is to be taken into consideration when talking about pay per views.

If I had to pay extra to go see a pay per view event to see the same stars I could see on a normal weekly episode, then there's little doubt as to which option I would choose.

However, if I get to see stars like Roman Reigns and AJ styles on the same night, or see Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair tear it up in one go, that would be worth spending a little extra.

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