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3 reasons why Randy Orton should become WWE Champion again

Gabby Duran
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5.94K   //    13 Dec 2018, 18:35 IST

It's time for The Viper to take what's his
It's time for The Viper to take what's his

It's probably all sorts of weird to hear someone talking about how they want Randy Orton back in the WWE Championship hunt. After all, it was only earlier this year that "Blandy Boreton" (as his critics often label him) was going through the motions and not exactly lighting the world on fire with his performances. Things have changed though.

Ever since returning and stomping on Jeff Hardy's testicles at Extreme Rules, Orton is a changed man. The Viper has regrown his fangs, and he's out for blood.

Besides, its been more than a year since his last World Championship match which happened at Battleground 2017 in the Punjabi Prison Match. What a way to leave the title picture.

While not a lot of people are clamouring for Orton to reclaim the throne on SmackDown, I believe his time is coming soon. Just watch.

#3 Great matches

Orton and Jeff Hardy stole the show at Hell in a Cell
Orton and Jeff Hardy stole the show at Hell in a Cell

Randy Orton is a tricky guy to have chemistry with, that's for sure. To add to that, some people felt that prior to his injury and return, his matches felt rather uninspired.

Hot take: I actually enjoyed Randy and Jinder Mahal's matches over the WWE Championship. Make of that what you will.

But ever since coming back, he's been nothing short of spectacular. He and Jeff Hardy went to war in an instant classic at Hell in a Cell. There seems to be a new found sense of energy and motivation in Orton.

The Apex Predator has always been one of the best performers in WWE, it's just not very often he shows how good he is. But this seemingly reinvigorated Orton is capable of putting on the great matches we know he can, and it's probably all due to this one change he's made...

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