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3 reasons why Ronda Rousey could be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin

Amit Shukla
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Hell Yeah!
Hell Yeah!

Ronda Rousey is the current Raw Women's Champion, and she is the badest woman on the planet. Her work has been of top-notch since joining WWE, and the storylines have been wonderful, especially the ones involving Stephanie McMahon.

There was a lot of speculation when the company and the Rowdy one were in talks, and over the months that followed since her agreement the work has been world class. She was first involved in a segment with Stephanie McMahon when The Rock interrupted 'The Authority' during their segment at Wrestlemania 31.

The promo was a wonderful one, and it was then we got the first glimpse of Rowdy Ronda Rousey inside a WWE ring. The promo also got the fans talking about Wrestlemania and The Rock in general. With the rumours of Ronda Rousey joining WWE rife within the wrestling community back in the day, this promo was loved by all.

After Rowdy Ronda Rousey joined WWE, she got into a feud with Stephanie McMahon, and it was loved by fans because 'The Billion Dollar Princess' played heel so well that Ronda Rousey was put over during this storyline.

With less than a year under her name, she has garnered a lot of fan appreciation, and I believe she has the skills like Stone Cold Steve Austin which could help her become the most loved wrestler in the company's history, and here are my reasons:

#3 Promos

Her promos have become better, and it shouldn't surprise anyone if she starts cutting some of the most powerful promos in the women's division.

Becky Lynch is cutting the most powerful promos in the women's division currently, and if the Raw Women's Champion keeps cutting such promos, her work will become better, and the connect with her fans will become more strong.

Stone Cold Steve Austin could cut any promo, and fans would love it. His 'What?' chant is still popular with the fans, and it wouldn't be long before Ronda Rousey's catchphrase takes over the WWE Universe.

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