3 reasons why WrestleMania 35 is shaping up to be a disappointment

  • WrestleMania 35 doesn't look so good.
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Modified 21 Mar 2019, 21:31 IST

If only it were this epic.
If only it were this epic.

We're only a little over two weeks away from WrestleMania 35, though you wouldn't know it, judging by most of the content on TV. In contrast to last year, which presented a very strong card, the hype for this year's event is a lot lower. That's an alarming sign because last year's card ultimately went on to disappoint once the show got out of its first hour. Will we experience an even lower run on this year's grand stage?

This is an important question to ask, because WrestleMania is a long show. Unfortunately, at the present time, it doesn't look like it's going to be worth the watch. The only truly exciting marquee match looks like it's going to be Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston. Aside from this most unexpected development, things are wanting. Here's why.

#1 An underwhelming midcard

When Kurt Angle announced that Baron Corbin was going to be his retirement match, it was emblematic of the problem that the show as a whole looks like it's going to be facing.

Instead of having a spectacle of a retirement match with callback value against someone like John Cena, or putting over an exciting up and coming star from NXT like Aleister Black or Ricochet, WWE made the blandest, boring choice imaginable.

Bland and boring describes almost the entire midcard of WrestleMania 35 as it currently stands.

No matter who she faces, Asuka is set to have a cobbled together match with opponents of little star power.

The Intercontinental title match, in no matter what form it takes, already feels like a throwaway match.

Triple H vs. Batista has been rushed, and no one is expecting brilliant action.


Sasha Banks and Bayley are being put in there with opponents they don't need to face (the IIconics and Nia Jax and Tamina). Even Beth Phoenix's return to the ring has been watered down by this.

It would be nice to see Roman Reigns return to the ring for a singles match, but no opponent, including Drew McIntyre, makes for a truly exciting story.

Both tag team title matches will be cobbled together in some way. Hopefully, we'll get a return of ladder shenanigans to spice things up.

There are some nice prospects with Buddy Murphy vs. Tony Nese, Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton, and, surprisingly, Shane McMahon vs. The Miz, but in a 7 hour show, they seem few and far between.

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Published 21 Mar 2019, 21:31 IST
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