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3 Reasons why WWE should plan John Morrison vs Sheamus in near future

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Published Jan 06, 2020
Jan 06, 2020 IST

John Morrison and Sheamus
John Morrison and Sheamus

This week's episode of SmackDown Live witnessed the return of two former big names - John Morrison and Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior returned from injury which kept him on the sidelines for a year whereas Morrison rejoined the organisation after spending years away, wrestling in different countries, competing for various promotions and more.

Back in the day, Mr Starship Pain's high flying moves left the WWE fans in awe and it will be interesting to see if Morrison still has his skills or if there any enhancements to look forward to. A look back into Morrison's time with the company takes us back to the time he feuded with The Celtic Warrior who in fact happened to make the return from his injury on exactly the same day as his former adversary. Sheamus returned to take out Shorty Gable and it was quite evident that the European sensation is back to his heel ways and is looking to take the roster by a storm.

With the two rivals back, the fans will be pretty intrigued to watch these two lock horns again simply because there are a number of good reasons to make that happen. Here we list down three reasons why WWE should plan John Morrison vs Sheamus in the near future:

#3 A hit last time around

A shot from Sheamus and Morrison
A shot from Sheamus and Morrison's rivalry back in 2010

John Morrison and Sheamus were involved in a pretty heated rivalry in 2010 which saw them compete in a number of intense matches. From their Ladder match at TLC in 2010 to their bout at the King of the Ring finale, the two were at each other's throat and the fans simply enjoyed this feud. Pitting these two against each other will certainly give both the Superstars a genuine storyline to work upon as they'll get a chance to rekindle the animosity towards each other inside the sacred squared circle.

Their feud was a massive hit last time around and the company should bank on it now that both the athletes have returned. Avid fans are never against the idea of pitting two former rivals.

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