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3 Reasons why WWE should plan Lars Sullivan vs Braun Strowman

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Finn Balor with Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan
Finn Balor with Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan

The post WrestleMania period has been pretty impressive as the events that have occurred over the last few weeks have been quite stunning. From the Superstar Shakeup to the gigantic champion vs champion clash, the post-Mania period has been blessed with one too many talk-worthy instances.

In all these events, there was one such moment that managed to grab the WWE Universe's attention and that was the debut of Lars Sullivan. The bald-headed freak had been advertised for a long time and his appearance on Raw after Mania proved to be the highlight of the show.

Sullivan brutally attacked Kurt Angle as the monster tore apart the former Raw GM. Ever since that night, Sullivan has appeared on Raw and SmackDown, throwing veterans like the Hardy brothers and Rey Mysterio all around the ring. The signs do look scary for the locker room and it remains to be seen who really steps up to take on this recently recruited behemoth.

While Sullivan is a horrifying physical specimen, there is a certain Monster among Men in the ranks as well. Yes, we are talking about Braun Strowman! The Monster among Men could give Sullivan a real taste of what things look like on the main roster.

Braun has found no success in finding opponents who could match him strength for strength. With Brock Lesnar seemingly gone for some time, it looks like the only credible challenger for Strowman is Lars Sullivan.

A Strowman-Sullivan feud shall be an engrossing prospect and if the fans are considered, then the history tells us that the WWE Universe likes to witness men wreak havoc in the squared circle. They may be on different brands right now, but in due time this could be something spectacular.

Here we put down 3 reasons as to why WWE should book Lars Sullivan up against Braun Strowman.

#3 Potential for a mid-card classic

2 absolute monsters
2 absolute monsters

Let's look at this - Braun Strowman is one heck of an athlete who rarely comes up against someone who could possibly match him strength to strength. The Monster among Men rolls past his opponent with ease and defines brutality until one day, a certain behemoth arrives on the main roster to establish himself as the new monster on the block.

Yes, that man is Lars Sullivan, and the man is an absolute wrecking machine who seems to be the next big thing for the company. While Sullivan is busy interrupting legends with a vicious beatdown, there is a man in the back who is the 'Previous Big Thing' and who we all famously recognize as the Monster among Men.

Sullivan vs Strowman is an enticing prospect simply because the clash could go either way considering these two's identical physical prowess, and since these 2 superstars are nowhere near the main event scene, this could be a classic midcard bout

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