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3 reasons WWE should hire Enzo Amore back and 3 reasons why they shouldn't

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The controversial superstar was cleared of assault charges, but does that mean he could still find a home in WWE?

Enzo and his accuser, who has been discredited by law enforcement.
Enzo and his accuser, who has been discredited by law enforcement.

Enzo Amore.

Just reading his name likely sparked a great deal of emotion within you. If you're one of his very vocal supporters, you probably felt a bit angry about his recent dismissal by the WWE. If on the other hand, you are one of his detractors, you probably felt a great deal of derision.

The point is, no one is neutral on the subject of Enzo Amore. Either you love him or you hate him, you want to see him succeed or you want to see him fail.

That kind of polarizing heat is what many wrestling companies desire in their talent, but Amore has taken things to a new extreme. His boisterous, braggadocio behavior has landed him in hot water with fans, his peers, and--worst of all--WWE management.

The last straw seemed to come when Enzo was accused of assault by a former acquaintance. The WWE has a zero-tolerance policy on the subject of domestic abuse but normally does not fire Superstars until they have been proven guilty in a court of law. Enzo's case was special because he knew of the charges but failed to inform his bosses at WWE of it.

So, now that Enzo has been formally cleared of the charges, one begs the question; Should WWE hire him back, or just cut their losses?

Here are three reasons WWE should hire Enzo back, and three they should do no such thing.

Should re-hire: Undeniable Charisma


When Enzo Amore showed up at a WWE try out, he was the only applicant who had ZERO wrestling experience. Most people would not have even bothered to show up under those circumstances, but not only did Enzo brave the try out he actually landed a job with the company.

Let that sink in. A federation that is known to be the lifetime goal of many wrestlers hired a man with no experience based purely on the weight of his personality.

Simply put, Enzo Amore can be a draw, either as heel or face, and the WWE could make a lot of money off of him.

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