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Amit Shukla
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One More Match!
One More Match!

This week on Raw, WWE COO Triple H and Shawn Michaels talked about the aftermath from the match between 'The Game' and 'The Deadman' at WWE Super Show-Down. The show was off to a rocking start because the DX members came together and issued a challenge to Taker and Kane for WWE's Crown Jewel event that happens on 2nd November.

The match at WWE Super Show-Down was to be the last between these two wrestlers from the Attitude era, but it seems like WWE wants to drag this story till November and make us believe that this match is worth the time.

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After the way, the match between HHH & Taker went down at WWE Super Show-Down these two wrestlers should have ended their in-ring careers in Australia, but if the company still wishes to drag it to November, then they must give this feud and storyline a decisive end because a mistake would hamper the legendary careers of the 4 wrestlers in this match.

In this article, I take a look at 3 ways this storyline could end at WWE Crown Jewel:

#3 'Brothers Of Destruction' win

Brotherhood takes over friendship!
Brotherhood takes over friendship!

The 'Brothers of Destruction' have raised hell over the years and while the result of the match between Triple H and Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down went in the favor of the former, it makes sense that this match belongs to the most amazing team in the history of the WWE.

Kane and Taker are making limit appearances, and if the company wants their most loved and decorated superstars to end their career (at least the Mayor of Knox County), then a win to the team would be the best idea.

The arena will erupt if Taker and Kane pick a win at Saudi Arabia, and will also be a great end to a great storyline and amazing careers.

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