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3 shocking wrestlers who could be released in 2019 and 2 obvious releases

Thomas Lowson
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28.15K   //    03 Oct 2018, 18:12 IST

Is time running out for the Glorious former NXT Champion?

The WWE is a business, and just like any business, it's aim is to make money.

For over 30 years, the company has just done that, using the business savvy of Vince McMahon and others to turn this once small promotion, into the undisputed global juggernaut of Sports Entertainment.

But in order to keep making money, sacrifices have to be made. Often, this comes in the form of releases, when a talent is removed from the company, as they deem that wrestler unprofitable.

Here are three wrestlers who fans would be shocked to see get released next year, as well as 2 which are pretty obviously going to get the chop.

Shocking: Sheamus

The former WWE Champion may seem a shocking pick, given his current tag-team with Cesaro, but for the past few years, Sheamus' push has dramatically slowed down.

He last held a singles title nearly 3 years ago, a brief WWE World Championship win, that seemed more-so fodder to progress the Triple H-Roman Reigns feud.

In addition, the Celtic Warrior has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and whilst several stars have it, it will affect the Great White in the later part of his career, according to analyst Dave Meltzer.

“He’s got spinal stenosis but a lot of guys have that. It’s not a good thing to have and it will affect him most-likely when he gets older in not so great ways.”
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