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3 signs Lacey Evans may be the next Charlotte Flair

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Evans and Flair do possess tremendous physical attributes
Evans and Flair do possess tremendous physical attributes

WWE has been growing with each passing day and this tremendous growth rate has been down to the evolutionary ideologies that make this business such a delight. The first thing that comes to ardent WWE followers' minds upon hearing the word evolution is the stupendous Women's Evolution.

The Women's division has had a resurgence and the reception it has received has been inspirational for many aspiring female athletes. From an all women PPV to Women headlining WrestleMania, the company has promoted the Women's Evolution and it is fair to say that the hardworking athletes of this division deserve every bit of recognition within the company.

One woman who has ridden along in this journey of Women's Evolution is Charlotte Flair. The former Women's Champion has had a tremendous career so far and has been the key to WWE's vision with her athletic prowess and an awe-inspiring work-rate.

Flair has been an inspiration to many and her recent inclusion in the main event of WrestleMania 35 further solidified her position as one of the best of all time. Many upcoming athletes crave to be the next Charlotte and it seems like the company knows as to whom they want to follow the path of Flair in order to be the next big star of the Women's Division.

Yes, we are talking about Lacey Evans here! Lacey has been impressive so far and her win over Natalya last week showcased her as an athletic superstar who has the potential to reach the pinnacle.

Here we list down 3 signs which suggest that Lacey Evans may be the next Charlotte Flair of the company:

#3 Imposing physical attributes

Lacey Evans
Lacey Evans

The first thing that comes to WWE enthusiasts' minds upon watching Lacey and Flair is how tremendously these two women are built. Both ooze championship material and their startling similiarity in physical aura is hard to ignore.


Both these athletic superstars possess a vibrant skill set and have a physique that comes with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair have a lot of resemblance when it comes to their on-screen appearance and it seems like this has been one of the major factors towards Lacey being set for a gigantic push on the main roster.

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