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3 Superstars who can be called up to save 205 Live

Who can Save 205 Live? Find out the 3 Superstars inside!

Top 5 / Top 10 14 Feb 2018, 14:42 IST

205 Live, The main show for WWE Cruiserweights.
205 Live, The main show for WWE Cruiserweights.

After the success of the Cruiserweight Classic tournament in the summer of 2016, the cruiserweights were given their own show to showcase their craft. Most fans will agree that the cruiserweight division hasn't been exactly what most of us thought it would be. Because of that most fans have either given up on the show or are on the verge of giving up.

Today I'm going to look at three NXT superstars that I think WWE could call up in order to save the Cruiserweight Division.

#3 Lio Rush

Lio Rush, 22 year old NXT Superstar.
Lio Rush, 22 year old NXT Superstar.

Lio Rush was signed to the NXT band at the age of 22 in June of 2017, after being one of the biggest standouts in the independent scene. He participated in Ring of Honor's training camp, only six months after his debut. 

Lio Rush is a fantastic talent and in-ring performer for only being in the business for barely three years. If WWE could get this young man's attitude in check, he could be a young breakout star of the Cruiserweight division in no time. It's hard to recover from the amount of heat Lio rush has and I have faith that he could be a consistent person to have on 205 live weekly.

Despite all his backstage heat, I hope WWE doesn't lose faith in this young man and gives him a chance to shine on 205 Live.

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