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3 Superstars who will be a great fit with Elias

Amit Shukla
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Who Else should 'Walk With Elias'?
These Superstars could "Walk With Elias"

Elias started his journey in NXT where his character became somewhat stale, and fans couldn't quite accept him as a serious performer on the yellow brand. The WWE then pulled the trigger with him, and called him up to the main roster where his mid-card work and gimmick wasn't connecting with fans in the initial stages.

Perhaps that may have been because he would aimlessly wander around the RAW locker room strumming his guitar, and interrupt anyone backstage or in the ring during a promo.

While it didn't look well at first for some, this talented young Superstar quickly made a name for himself; and his gimmick of playing a song for the city or performer whom he is feuding with became a favorite among the fans. In other words, Elias got himself incredibly over with the WWE Universe; courtesy his unique guitarist/singer act, as well as his stubborn heelish antics of trash-talking the city he's performing in.

It is this habit which gave him the "Walk With Elias" gimmick, and it has certainly worked wonders for the gifted wrestler both in the ring and on the mic. He can cut a promo so well that you are intrigued to find out what would happen next.

That, coupled with his in-ring performances, substantiates his overall professional wrestling prowess.

If the recent positive fan-reactions to Elias on RAW, are a testament to his skills, we can only imagine what will happen if he is to be accorded better storylines and top Superstars to feud with in the ring, but that is a whole another story altogether.

Today, we take a look at three current WWE Superstars who could essay the role of Elias's music partner--

#3 Fandango

A spectacle in the ring
A spectacle in the ring

Fandango is currently injured, and out of action, however if you are to imagine what would happen if he meets Elias down the line in a lengthy program, or simply because the duo could put on a Grammy award-winning performance together (sic)--the possibilities are endless!


With Fandango showing off his dance moves in the ring, and Elias being the vocalist, a feud between them would be great because the duo can put on great performances, and we all know that they are super talented! The storylines and feud they get involved in would be pure gold, because they can cut great promos as well as perform well in the ring.

Additionally, the WWE could eventually book the feuding duo as a Tag Team--much like they did with Sheamus and Cesaro (The Bar), with both Superstars initially hating each other, only to forge a strong friendship and become a true force in the WWE Tag Team Division.

Be it as friends or as foes, a WWE angle between Elias and Fandango is a potential goldmine of some good old sports-entertainment for the WWE Universe.

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