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3 superstars WWE really need to push

Aarti Sharma
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Roman vs John
Roman vs John

WWE's roster is full of diverse talent from all around the world. There are some superstars on the main roster doing their jobs with all the perfection needed. Still the promotion does not focus on them, but instead chooses to waste time on other superstars.

WWE has plenty of talent not being used properly. Time is being wasted on a few superstars who honestly don't deserve it.

In truth there are many promotions ready to sign these superstars as they are more talented than what WWE currently portray in their segments.

Due to a massive variety of superstars on their roster, it's impossible for the company to focus on each individual star, but still there are some talents who have proven themselves admirably.

In this article we present 3 WWE Superstars who deserve more in the WWE.

#3 Finn Balor

The champ who never got his rematch
The champ who never got his rematch

Ever since losing the Universal Championship, he has not returned to the main event scene. During his days on NXT, everyone loved Balor because of his amazing matches.

After calling him up to the main roster, he won the Universal Championship, but due to an injury he suffered during the match, WWE forced him to relinquish the title next day on Raw.

After returning from the injury, he lost all the momentum he gained in all these years. He never even received any rematch for the title which he never lost. Considering his booking in the past few months, WWE is booking him as a mid-card wrestler instead of bringing him back on the main event scene.

The reunion of Balor Club didn't help his cause. Therefore to make his character more interesting, WWE should turn him into a heel wrestler. He has the ability to become the top heel on RAW.

Currently he is feuding with Constable Baron Corbin, but this is only wasting his time. Instead of being on the title scene, Finn has become nothing more than a mid-card wrestler.

A heel turn plus the return of 'Demon King' would be enough to make him the next big thing on Monday Night RAW.

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