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3 takeaways from Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic’s clash on NXT (February 27, 2019)

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The two big men put up a stellar match last night
The two big men put up a stellar match last night

A battle of two of NXT’s biggest men broke out last night, as Keith Lee battled Dominik Dijakovic in a match between relatively new superstars.

While the initial moments of the match were slow, and neither men could get a clear advantage over the other, the match progressed beautifully.

The biggest moment that ignited it all came when Dijakovic monkey-flipped Lee, who landed on his feet. While such moves are expected from smaller men like Lio Rush and Ricochet, a 6ft 2in, 320lbs man doing the same is close to unbelievable.

In the closing moments of the match, the 6ft 7in tall and 270lbs weighing Dijakovic delivered an Asai moonsault that left both men reeling at ringside and led to a double count-out to end the match.

While the result may not have pleased the audience, their effort incited a thunderous ovation from a fanbase appreciative of their efforts. This was just one of the many matches to come between these two large men which will progress into a great feud.

After the match, there were 3 things we learned which stand true at the end of the battle.

#3 The NXT crowd is alive

NXT's audience appreciates its talent
NXT's audience appreciates its talent

In recent times, we have seen both SmackDown and Raw suffer from a lack of crowd interest in some spots.

This has been made evident every time the ring lacks a big name, even if they lack wrestling talent, and we usually see pops from the crowd when big names come out.


Recently, we’ve seen the crowd give the biggest pops to Becky Lynch on both Raw and Smackdown, while Roman Reigns’ return to Raw received a huge ovation from the crowd.

NXT, however, is a completely different brand which has slowly started to show that its crowd is more about talent and skills than big names.

Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic are both relatively new to WWE, even though they’ve been huge names on other promotions before joining the company, but the crowd is well aware of their talent and that was made evident when they delivered one heck of a match last night on NXT.

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