3 things missing during the build up to The Undertaker versus Triple H at WWE Super Show-Down

Missed out on 'The Game'
Missed out on 'The Game'

The Undertaker and Triple H will be inside a WWE ring for the 'Last Time Ever' during their match at WWE Super Show-Down. The event happens on 6th October 2018 at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

WWE has tried everything in their power to sell this match, and the superstars in the match have tried to take a dig at each other to build this match, but it doesn't entice a lot of members of the WWE Universe.

While the fact that these two superstars will be fighting for the last time is good enough reason for fans to be involved in this match, still there are multiple aspects that have been left out during booking or hyping this match. Shawn Michaels came out during last week's Raw to build up the match until he got a surprise guest, The Undertaker. The promo was very good and got the fans talking, but despite that factor, there is still a lot missing in this build up.

While Shawn Michaels promo is a good idea, and so is a YouTube Video of WWE Hall of Famers picking their favourite wrestler from the match, here are few things that are missing from the feud and the build-up:

#3 Stephanie and Vince McMahon

Where are the biggest stake holders?
Where are the biggest stakeholders?

Stephanie and Vince McMahon have been a part of The Undertaker and HHH's career, and if we know these two wrestlers as legends it is because of these two beautiful minds, that created, innovated, and executed amazing storylines during the Attitude Era.

If you have followed WWE during the Attitude Era, you would be aware of the Corporate Ministry, The Ministry of Darkness. The McMahon-Helmsley regime among many others. These two visionaries created storylines that would make people stay glued to their TV screens during the 90's-2000's and create characters that are immersed in our memories till this date.

When the two superstars that these great storytellers created are about to fight it out in the ring one last time, we haven't seen them in the ring or any promotion around this match, and that is shocking.

In the weeks to come after WWE Hell In A Cell, we hope to see them hype up the match for WWE Super Show-Down.

#2 Superstar Returns

Where is Money, Money, Money?
Where is Money, Money, Money?

Shane O'Mac hasn't been on WWE Television since Paige took over as the General Manager of Smackdown Live. The son of Vince and Linda McMahon has been a part of some gruelling matches with both superstars, with Shane's daredevil act during his latest match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 still etched in our memories.


The commissioner of Smackdown Live is known to be the driving force behind The Corporate Ministry and The Ministry of Darkness, and we hope that he shows up soon at 'The Land Of Opportunity' to hype up this match.

#1 Hell In A Cell

The Career make or break structure
The Career make or break structure

WWE is going to have a Hell In A Cell event in a day from today, and just days before this 'Last Time ever' match happens. The last time these two wrestlers were inside a ring at Wrestlemania 28, they had the Hell In A Cell structure right above them, and it made the match even more amazing because of the people involved.

While Shawn Michaels is possibly going to be a part of this match, it would have been amazing if the company also got a Hell In A Cell structure in this match which would have made us relive the end of an era and a match for the last time ever inside one of the most gruesome structures created by the WWE.

There wouldn't have been a better way to end this match and rivalry. Hope the company does the change soon to make the match even more interesting.

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