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Top 3 Performers of NXT UK (November 7, 2018)

Edan Nissen
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This week's episode of NXT UK featured a stacked card, with matches filling the episode from beginning to end
This week's episode of NXT UK featured a stacked card, with matches filling the episode from beginning to end

After airing an episode yesterday, NXT UK's 6th episode aired at the traditional Wednesday time slot featuring a stacked card. Starting the episode off was the second Mae Young Classic winner, Toni Storm, facing off against the captain of team kick, and NXT superstar Dakota Kai.

Neither wrestler was able to establish any semblance of dominance throughout the match, with both trading series of strikes. Storm got the upper hand after she was able to get out of the way out of Kai's Facewash, following it up by hitting double knees in the corner, followed by a double German Suplex and then finishing it off with a Storm Zero for the pinfall victory. \

The two hugged in the ring as Storm celebrated her victory. However, as Dakota Kai was making her way backstage, she was jumped at the top of the ramp by Jinny.

This match was followed by the most hated man in NXT UK Zack Gibson going against the debuting Amir Jordan. Gibson is clearly being built as a top heel for NXT UK, and as such, Gibson got most of the offense during the match. Gibson would hit the Helter Skelter and transition quickly into the Shankly Gates for the victory.

Gibson would keep hold of the submission, even after Jordan had tapped and the bell had rung. Unsurprisingly, this drew the ire of the crowd as Gibson continues on his way to being the best heel on the NXT UK Roster and sending a message to WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne.

After the match, Gibson stayed in the ring and called for a microphone. Needless to see, as Gibson opened his mouth to speak he was greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Gibson proceeded to list the accomplishments that he has achieved since joining NXT UK, having won the UK Championship Tournament at Royal Albert Hall and beating Noam Dar. As Gibson was in the middle of running down members of the NXT UK roster.

However, he was interrupted by half of Mustache Mountain, Trent Seven. Seven brilliantly ran down Gibson, calling him out for his absence at the inaugural UK tournament, and how he lost in his challenge against Pete Dunne on the 2nd night of the UK Championship Tournament.

Seven challenged Gibson to a fight then and there, only for Gibson to roll out of the ring and make his way up the ramp.


Kenny Williams made his NXT UK Televised debut against Finn Balor's protege Jordan Devlin. Devlin controlled the start of the fight until it spilled outside the ring where Williams was able to use his speed to his advantage, hitting a dropkick and a Tope Suicida.

The two traded moves until Williams went for a DDT. Devlin was able to counter this into his finisher, Ireland's Call, for the pinfall victory.

Finally, we had the main event of the episode, a six-man tag team match between the Coffey brothers and Wolfgang against the face team of Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, and Ashton Smith. Wolfgang and Flash Morgan Webster started in the ring for their respective teams. 

Morgan Webster targetted the lower body of the bigger Wolfgang. Morgan Webster then tagged in Mark Andrews, as Joe Coffey tagged himself in.

Before long, it was Ashton Smith and Mark Coffey in the ring against each other. Smith is an extremely talented wrestler and was pushed by the commentary team, however, he risks becoming NXT UK's version of Apollo Crews, an agile and acrobatic big man with a distinct lack of personality.

Smith was able to tag in Mark Andrews, whom the Coffey's and Wolfgang proceeded to isolate in their corner and around the ringside. Andrews was also able to build on his match from the last episode with Wolfgang. The Coffeys and Wolfgang performed quick tags, wearing out the smaller Andrews. However, Andrews was able to get some separation after hitting a Stun-dog Millionaire on Mark Coffey.

Wolfgang was able to later throw Flash Morgan Webster into Joe Coffey's "AwRaBestFurThaBells" which translates to English as All the Best for the Bells and allowed the Coffey's and Wolfgang to pick up the pinfall victory.

# 3 Toni Storm

This one was hard to watch at times, as Dakota Kai seemed to struggle to keep up with Storm. Kai has been a bit of a mixed bag, having had a great fight on the corresponding episode of NXT against Taynara Conti. However, she made the same mistakes she usually did in this bought against Toni Storm.

For her part, Storm has taken to the WWE scene by... well storm. After picking up the second Mae Young Classic, beating Io Shirai in a fantastic fight at WWE's all women PPV Evolution. Storm has made an instant impact in the NXT UK women's division, having already beaten Nina Samuels and now Dakota Kai.

With Dakota Kai being attacked by Jinny, who has yet to make her in-ring debut, it sets up a potentially interesting future matchup between the two, and with an NXT UK's women's title to be introduced shortly, it seems highly likely that Storm will be one of the favorites to hold the title sooner rather than later.

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