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3 ways Dean Ambrose's walkout could turn out

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5.87K   //    13 Oct 2018, 13:35 IST

Dean Ambrose chose not to join his fallen brothers in the ring
Dean Ambrose chose not to join his fallen brothers in the ring

Last week on Monday Night Raw, The Shield took on The Dogs of War in a WWE Super Show-Down rematch. After an exciting bout, Strowman and company beat the formidable trio of Ambrose, Reigns, and Seth Rollins.

However, this wasn't the only development. The heel alliance showed some cracks, and so did the faces. Braun Strowman, The Monster Among Men, snapped on Ziggler, and shared an intense stand off with The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre.

On the good side, an exhausted Dean Ambrose chose not to join his fallen brothers in the ring, and decided walk backstage alone. WWE also released a video later in which he seemed to be done with the faction.

What this means is nobody's guess. Is Dean Ambrose turning heel? Will he join Strowman and company? Could we see a Shield break-up yet again? These questions still remain, and they need to be answered logically soon.

Here are 3 ways the walkout of The Lunatic could turn out.

#1 The Shield breaks up amicably

Brothers forever?
Brothers forever?

Following his walkout, WWE released a video of a backstage interview of Ambrose, who said that maybe he didn't fit in anymore. This didn't put forth deceit, it put forth frustration.

WWE has so openly teased the idea of Ambrose turning heel. WWE could do a segment where Ambrose has a heart to heart with his brothers. He shares his feelings, and The Shield disband amicably.

This would endear the team more to the fans, and while we'd have to wait for cracking matches between these competitors, the three could go their own separate ways. This way WWE could preserve their top babyfaces, keeping them all crowd favourites (if you can call Reigns that) at the same time.

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