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3 ways Sasha Banks could be made relevant again

Amit Shukla
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No Longer 'The Legit Boss'
No Longer 'The Legit Boss'

Sasha Banks has been playing 'The Legit Boss' gimmick since her NXT days, and she was called to the main roster after her reign in NXT ended as the women's champion.

She worked as a heel in NXT and on Raw as well she continued the same gimmick until she turned babyface and that is where the doom to her career started.

She was cheered as a heel, and since she got back into a tag team with her NXT adversary Bayley, things took a downhill for both the wrestlers. The worst part of this babyface gimmick was the therapy session that she was sent along with 'The Hugger,' but the WWE thought that it is a good business idea.

It is no secret that she has become obscure and if the WWE follows the 3 suggestions given below, Sasha could really become 'Legit Boss':

#3 Turn Sasha Heel

Randy has stated in the past that he loves to play a heel, and if there is one female wrestler that matches the same, then it has to be Sasha Banks.

Sasha is no stranger to playing heel because she did that in NXT and was also loved as well as over with the fans. She continued her heel gimmick on the main roster and fans loved her in that role.

Time changed and she became a babyface, which has doomed her career, and it is about time that she becomes a heel again. A feud with Bayley would be a great choice, and while this would make Sasha relevant, it would also serve as a launching pad for Bayley's career as a babyface on the main roster.

Bayley is good as a babyface, and if she needs to be elevated someone has to do the dirty work, and there's no one better at doing this than Sasha Banks. They competed in an Iron-Man match at NXT and gave us the best match between female wrestlers.

Time for a new feud to ignite careers and rating.

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