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3 Ways to Book Bobby Roode Better

Ali Akber
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Bobby Roode and Finn Balor are both currently stuck with no direction
Bobby Roode and Finn Balor are both currently stuck with no direction

NXT has now been used as the training grounds for future superstars of the WWE. Many wrestlers have managed to make a smooth transition from the NXT to the main roster, while others have failed to do so and subsequently found themselves among the low-cards of the roster just fighting to stay relevant.

Bobby Roode is one of the superstars who is stuck in this limbo, and currently, the creatives seem to have no direction for him. Bobby Roode has been a part of the WWE for quite some time now but after winning the WWE United States Championship on SmackDown Live and being drafted over to Raw, he’s become irrelevant.

Roode has managed to be immensely successful outside of the WWE, and just like many current top wrestlers, he deserves more justice to his talent and his name than he has been getting since the past few months.

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Even though there is little to no chance of Bobby Roode getting into the main title picture for the brand, there is still a lot he can do and achieve on Raw just like some of his fellow superstars. With that said, here are 3 ways in which the WWE can book Bobby Roode better.

#3 Stronger Tag Team

Roode and Gable find themselves in the mid-cards
Roode and Gable find themselves in the mid-cards

Roode is currently paired with Chad Gable in a team which is only formed to keep both superstars involved till the creatives can find a better opportunity for them. Their constant matches with the members of The Ascension are becoming boring and tasteless, to say the least.

Even though both Roode and Gable are immensely talented, their current feud has made them fall a little in the eyes of the fan. They have the potential to make an extremely good face tag team if given a proper chance.

With quite a few heel tag teams on Raw, there’s surely some space for the creation of a top-level face tag team as The Shield are the only ones who are getting the spotlight. The creatives could push the two men in a feud with Authors of Pain, and then to the tag titles picture which they can justify much better than the B-Team.

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