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3 Ways to Salvage Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

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As disappointing as stale bread.
This feud has been disappointing at times

Brock Lesnar has comprehensively defeated Roman Reigns at two WrestleMania's and then at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

The story of Reigns being the 'uncrowned champion' after what happened at the Saudi Arabian super-show is uninspired and boring. WWE is creating cringe content and trying to hype this match up as a final blow-off match, while Lesnar has proven time and time again he is far superior to Reigns.

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Now that the stubborn WWE management has chosen to stick to their Roman-Lesnar plan yet again, they must salvage it from becoming a mass walkout, like what happened at Backlash earlier this year.

Just a few tweaks in the build to the big event will suffice, so let's take a look at three such tweaks that will regenerate fan interest.

#3 Have Lesnar get physical

Lesnar is at his best when he is violent.
Lesnar is at his best when he is violent

Brock Lesnar's presence in WWE as a quiet and intimidating man while Paul Heyman spoke is something that worked tremendously well when he was feuding against the likes of CM Punk and John Cena.

However, we are five and four years removed from those feuds respectively, and Lesnar's charm in that role has gone. He cannot hop on the side of the ring while Heyman maniacally yells his name out loud.

Lesnar's physical gifts need to be used not for stature, but in a more functional way. He needs to throw down on Raw and further add to his persona of being a dominant champion and real hard guy.


Lesnar's squash of John Cena four SummerSlam's ago is the biggest example of how dominant Lesnar is when he is using violence to send a message, rather than a gentle hop around the ring.

Whether Lesnar's physicality is shown via ringside brawls against Reigns or squash matches against mid-carders with credibility like Elias or Roode, they need to happen to sell Lesnar as a competitor again.

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